Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Me, myself and I

Ego trips have often taken me on unforgettable journeys of self-discovery. A lot of us must have often indulged in Googling about ourselves to measure up where we stood on the popularity scale. "Self-Googling is not simply narcissism, though that's certainly part of it," explains Alexander Halavais, who teaches at the University at Buffalo.

Unable to decide on a topic to blog today, I set off yet again trying to determine how much the world knew of this wonderful superhuman Jupie - with considerable help from a few passer-bys, I finally landed up at Googlism. Trying out Jupie, I drew a blank and my ego was shattered. Settling down for the more common-place Jupe, here's what came up...N my my, was I surprised..My comments on the results in italics.

 Jupe is thinking of how to make a perfect crime
(Not again :-( How does everyone find out whenever I plan to smoke in the loo to set the fire alarm off?)

 Jupe is a lovable 2 year old shepherd mix who loves to play with other dogz as well as kongs and jollyballs
(Talk about a dog's life - spot on)

 Jupe is adept at using big words and frequently uses them to his advantage
(I hold an opposing viewpoint - I think that’s preposterous propoganda - unpardonable sacrilege.....)

 Jupe is jann's husband's ex
(Its all relative, u see!)

 Jupe is missing
(Advertise in LOST and NOT TO BE FOUND pls)

 Jupe is a skirt
(Errr..Its okie..You shud complete that.. add chaser)

 Jupe is a slow learner
(Whoever said that the slow and steady win the race wasnt lyin', I hope ?)

 Jupe is a business studies graduate with over 15 years experience in the marketing services industry
(This is scary..this thing knows me..The real me..)

 Jupe is one of the best artists I know
(Knew it all along - Vincent and Leo' ve been singing my praises since ages)

 Jupe is the best thing i've had in bed
(Aint this the heights of self-gratification? Yuckkkk)

 Jupe is more human than oliver
(Is this the Twist in the tale?)

 Jupe is the only character who gives us a sense of hope in hard times
(N this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I blog)

 Jupe is still doing its job as the solar system's vacuum cleaner
(Eureka! Finally my dream job..)

 Jupe is redeemed humanity
(This is THE TRUTH and nothing but THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH)

 Jupe is disqualified from being a director from 1st august 2000 to 10th july 2006
(And to think that I had barely yelled my first ACTION and CUT..tch tch)

 Jupe is one of the most interesting yet laid back people I know
(Come to my arms, ye enlightened soul)

 Jupe is the brains
(Arent we forgetting the CAPS and bold)

I sure enjoyed this.. Dont hold back..Just go ahead and try it :-p

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Megha said...

"Jupe is a multilingual minstrel who makes other potential poets feel better about their writings, although perhaps unintentionally so."

Nice to see the Googlism inspiration, so thought i'd add one more. :)

Thank you for visiting and for your comments on my blog. I think you write wonderfully well and most entertainingly so! Just started reading the first chapter of your episodic love story.. Keep it coming!