Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Opining on relationships..

Pardon the intrusion, dear blog. I know i'd sworn to stay away from you till i had got myself sorted out. But then read this wonderful piece on Megha's blog and found it simply mind-blowing. Just wish i had read it 24 hrs back, before i had made my decision but then, there's no looking back now. Here it is...

The way we women describe the intimacy we want is remarkably consistent: It's that sense of oneness between two people that flows from an open, meaningful exchange of thoughts, feelings and affection. It's about each one entering the other's private world, not merely for a short visit, but to unpack and take up residence. read full post
ps: GB, Good job on GWH. Lage raho till i get back..


Ekta said... I am curious!
Kya hua dude:-)

gvenum said...

There is always looking back in these matters Ekta put it.....we are all curious..:)

Anonymous said...

Its a number game eh?

* 360-26-38
* Falling Site visits
* Physically 17 – actually 27 – mentally 72
* Rising "NO's"

It's still 14 huh??? bechara... here's a < kiss >

Temme is there anything else on ur mind???