Friday, June 10, 2005

Meme Time

There are all kinds of memes floating around in the blogging world - books, movies and what not - and I 'almost' got 'tagged' at a couple of places a week back ('almost' coz none of the really close buggers dared to do it without seeking prior permission and as usual, I would have none of it..muaaaahahahaha...evil laugh) but finally couldn't resist joining this particular bandwagon. Of course, incorrigible me had to flout/modify some rule so pls find below a slight variation of whats floating around in blogosphere....The best part of this meme is that it does not 'necessarily' have to be passed around to everyone and its wickedly naughty.

ps: I have not had the time to ask each and everyone of you listed below permission to add the URL alongwith the name but am still going ahead with the same - however if you have any issues, jes tinkle me ;-)

Before you look under the cut, fill out a numbered list of 20 with people you know from Blogspot/LJ/Rediffblogs in no particular order. If you don't know that many, fill in the gaps with any virtual acquaintances. Then click the cut and answer the questions in a post in your blog/journal.

1. OK
2. Johnny
3. Seshvenk
4. Thisucks (:-P)
5. L&M
6. Sud
7. Ri
8. Pri
9. Anu
10. Negaah
11. Ekta
12. Koncentricity
13. Megs
14. The brat
15. GWBE
16. Susie
17. Zed
18. 1across
19. Viggie
20. Hoodibabaa

1. Is #9 a boy or a girl?
Hahahahahaha...Not very sure...Its a virtual world we met in, you see ;-)

2. Would #11 and #2 make a cute couple?
Its one thing that 11 has actually managed to find a 'bakra' already but if I'd been asked this a year ago, then I'd say that there could not be a better recipe for complete disaster.

3. #18 and #4?
A pig and my sex(y) buddy... wot a combo !!!! roflllllllllllll !!!

4. When was the last time you talked to #12?
Last Monday - yet another missed call that I had to respond to....*smile*

5. What's #6's favourite band?
Rubberband ? Actually methinks its The Beatles...

6. Does #1 have any siblings?
Thankfully no...The world could not have taken another of her kind.

7. Would you ever date #3?
*sigh* If only I were a girl :-(

8. Would you ever date #7?
Hullooo...this meme is 'fixed'..I know that makes no sense but...

9. Is #16 single?
Till July 4th. Right ?

10. What's #15's last name?
Sivaraman at last hear but with her, you can never tell ;-)

11. What's #10's middle name?
Maami ?

12. What's #5's favorite thing to do?
Wooohooo..I love doing this..Where do i start now ?
a. Torturing people with her incessant chatter.
b. Torturing more people with her incessant banter.
I am bored of typing the same thing over and over again so go back to point a.

13. Is #13 hot?
Yeah... considering how sweetly she ticked off that anon blogstalker... wait.. u meant 'hot' as in ?

14. #14 and #19 make a good couple?
That would be one heckuva riot though I am sure to be killed by someone for even imagining the official answer is NO NO NO

15. What school does #20 go to?
..Make that 'did'...It must have been a nice tiled hut in some obscure village in Tirunelveli

16. Tell me a random fact about #11:
I can't stop with 1...She drools over Fardeen Khan, actually enjoys cricket and is one heckuva pal....pssst: The last thing was my feeble attempt at being nice...

17. And #1:
oh, the GirlFriend...wot can I say abt her ? she's mad but then aren't most of my good buddies like that...

18. And #3:
cracks fundooo jokes that have me absolutely splitting my sides to death...brings us back to q7...*sigh*

19. Where does #9 live?

20. How did you meet #17?
Thats a very very long story...but i think it was a cricket match and how I hit him for a huge six... rofllllllllllll....

21. What's #4's favourite colour?
Black. definitely black.

22. Would you make out with #14?
Are you crazy ? She's one third my age and she's my grandchild.

23. #5 and #6 best friends?
Bingo. This meme is definitely fuckin' fixed.

24. Does #7 like #20?
hehehe...I hope the twain never meet ;-)

25. Does #8 like #19?
They would if they knew each other considering they both write really witty stuff...hey wait...when u say LIKE u jes mean like right ?

26. How did you meet #2?

27. How did you meet #18?
At college and I'm delighted I didn't let my biases interfere with common sense :-)

28. Does #10 have any pets?
I am so tempted to say sthg but then Maami will kill me so lets jes say PASS

29. Random fact about #10?
she writes aaahsum poetry.. arre, I mean it

30. Is #12 older than you?
Hahahahaa...I cna hear her screaming at such a stupid Q...

31. Is #17 the sexiest person alive, or what?
Rofllllllllmao... Yes yes yes... women swoon when they hear his name...

32. Who on the list have you known the longest?


Anonymous said...

i think this questionnaire is a good one - reflecting xactly the reality...

Jupe said...

U the most shameless person I have ever seen :-p

Man with no Name said...


Rashi said...

I like the name hoodibaba !! Is he cute?


Anonymous said...

Thatha, u have become utterly useless:P....and how did you get such a long list of questions? kshah definitely had lesser...