Saturday, July 11, 2015

Wimbledon 2015 musings

It was a superb 2nd Semis y'day but now that I've had time to reflect on the match and also skim through the match reports on the net, I differ from the vast majority. contrary to popular belief, I dont think Andy Murray played really well yesterday. He did ok but was blown away by a man who was playing at his absolute peak...and the real shame is that Federer was doing it a month short of the ripe old age of 34. Sigh.

Federer's first serve percentage was an incredible 76% and he won 85% of those points... but they were not freebees like a Karlovic ace. Federer was clever - he varied the speed and kick on his serve so often that it caught his opponent unawares. It didnt help that Andy was standing so way back behind the baseline and trying to push fwd as he returned since Federer was also constantly varying the direction of his serves - to the body, wide out, down the line - that Andy couldnt even guess and move in for the kill. Edberg has brought a lot of variety into Federer's game plan so much so that we see RF go to the net more often (even on his 2nd serve talking of which my 2nd serve is better than Andy's) and the way he uses his backhand is so different from how it was 2 years ago - he slices more often and when you least expect it, whips that down the line shot a la Wawrinka or Gasquet.

The finals? I can see RF winning it though its the last thing I want. Not that I care too much for Djoker but it would be nice for Becker to put one over Edberg hence my loyalties are firmly in the Djoker corner. Till Sunday.....

PS: Nice to see Sania doing well in the doubles and mixed....Rooting for her and the Swiss miss to both do the double.