Wednesday, June 16, 2004

KISS, Bob and the Reebok store !!

Keep It Short n Simple is one of the biggest lessons I learnt at B-school. If you cannot sum up a 1 hr project meeting in 5 mts (I am just back from one such long drawn affair..Twas all Aramaic and Hebrew) or a 3 hr movie in 8000 words, you are simply put - inadequate. The elevator test, which I presume most of u have heard of, is the oft quoted reference in this context. Now, I am sure u are asking me how is all this relevant to today's blog. Simple answer is that I don’t have much time to write anything earth shattering so will simply KISS.

Before I forget, let me try and fill you in on whatever happened last weekend. After a meticulous search which included downloading specs from multiple websites, taking down quotes from atleast 6 vendors, I finally zeroed down on a Nokia 3100 for my new mobile. I can hear the groans - yes, it’s an old model but then the joy I had on discovering it is akin to that of a palaentologist who discovers fossils of a dinosaur in his backyard. So please welcome Bob, the latest addition to my family. No prizes for guessing wot color he is.. Blue rules..Pete, though is still with me - have turned it over to my parents.

So where did I finally buy it from ? There is a Sangeethas shoppe at the Forum in Koramangla and they sell mobiles at prices which are considerably cheaper than anywhere else in the market.(Thanks Priya for the tip) And lo, who did I see when I went there on Saturday evening ? Guess.. Guess..Clue: Some of the Indian cricketers are attending a camp in Bangalore..Okie, times up. I saw cho-chweet Irfan Pathan (SS, this guy is tall, handsome and has a winsome smile..He's an Adonis..n he has talent too - Neday better than that bloke Yuvraj - sudhar jao) and butter-fingers Parthiv Patel at the Reebok store presumably trying out shoes..An hour later they were still there at the shop and twas then that I realised it was a publicity gimmick.. People were going crazy with their camera phones. Neway it was a good evening out at Forum.

Shucks. This post has exceeded its planned length. Havta go. Byeeeee.

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Ekta said...

hey jupe..i saw irfaan and prasad at the airport too last to last weekend! ur not the only one..:-)

and congratulations on he's a gemini(assuming its a he!)...well one more joins the gang!!!;-)