Friday, July 09, 2004

Aise hi

I have no ideas for a post today. I see sitemeter telling me my blog has reached 1000 hits. Yesterday's site stats says i had 47 visitors - It's got to be malfunctioning or has the world FINALLY discovered me? (and about time too) Wowwww !! I am as proud as Hugh Hefner. (gloating) Ok, let me explain ;-)

Playboy's first edition never had a date stamp coz Hefner never believed there would be a second edition. The rest as they say is 'his'tory. Now u see the connexion.(Atleast I don’t) Neway, what do I generally do when I am at a loss for topics? I think of a word that catches my fancy, go to Google Images and then get my material for the daily ritual. Today's word is MUD-WRESTLING.

After sieving through some "interesting" and some "not-so-interesting" photographs, I’ve finally found this one which was kinda cute.

Originally uploaded by Jupieee.

Now who do I imagine as the two women in the red and blue corner? How about "subse best Rly Minister ki patni" Rabri Devi and rabble-rousing Maneka Gandhi? Or wouldn't it be interesting if it were Rebecca Loos and Posh...If this were the 70s, then Rekha and Jaya Bachchan would have been a good match-up too. Or how about Amelie Mauresmo and Jennifer Capriati. So many possibilities.... Any suggestions?


Ekta said...
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Ekta said...

For some strange reason would like to see arundhati roy and sushma swaraj battle it out!!