Monday, July 26, 2004

Happy Birthday Di

What do i wish someone who already has name, fame and pots of gold :-) Being mentally challenged has its limitations, so i will shy away from original poetry like the "Aaj ka Shelleys" and google for a nice B'day poem for you.

Originally uploaded by Jupieee.

Got it.

Happy birthday to a special friend!
Although I haven't known you many years,
Perhaps because you've dried so many tears,
Pleasure reigns as I these greetings send.
Your happiness should last till all things end!
Because you've been so sweet and understanding
In tough times you've made me laugh and smile
Rejoice in your own specialness awhile:
This I'm not requesting but demanding!

PS: Hmmm.. I might have failed with my greeting card (i know it doesn't match upto my usual high stds) but i am sure the gift compensated. Wotsay? :-)))

PPS: Rgds to Uncle n Aunty and woof woof to Oshi.

PPPS: Sorry for that photo - Ur recent ones would invite undue attention, besides this one is my favorite - chimply cho chweeet.

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