Wednesday, July 14, 2004

My day is made

I have never felt so good for months. Yippeeeeeeee !
Remember I mentioned in some post ages back that I’d seen HP3. Okie, here's a nice story.

My friends and I had gone to Rex to catch the evening show but as usual someone had goofed up and we were one ticket short. And being a Sunday it was HOUSEFULL too. Since I had already seen it once, I’d offered to go back home when we chanced to find a family who had an extra ticket. The only problem was that the seats were not in the same row so I thought I might as well not take it. But when this chweeet, adorable 11 year old walked upto me and said "Uncle, we have an extra ticket and you should see this movie, HP movies are so cool" I was floored (the Uncle part hurt though)

The next two hours were simply amazing. Sirisha (dats her name) without any exaggeration on my part was a raving, mad fan of JKR and the HP series. She was literally sitting at the edge of her seat and chatting with me incessantly, giving me every single detail about the scene. When I was groping for the name for that bus which helps Harry when he escapes from home, she rebuked me for forgetting such "simple things" and educated me on the "Knight bus and its conductor Stan". However I did get my revenge later in the second half when she forgot the name of the "Whomping Willow" :-) When the Marauding Map first made its appearance in the movie she almost shrieked in delight. I was really sorry when the movie ended coz I have never had such intelligent company for a movie date. As we descended down, her father exchanged pleasantries and chatted up with me. We also exchanged cards (I’ve lost his)

And then it happened today afternoon. Am reproducing the mail here

Hi Ram uncle,

Remember me. Wasn't Azkabun cool? Nowdays i see Spiderman trrailors in TV. Heard its coming August. School's there but I will see it. U must too. Tobi is so cute.

(((((( Ram uncle ))))))


I've always hated emoticons but when I checked wot this meant, I was moved. I always knew kids were the bestestest things God created but this one takes the cake. Sirisha, u r my bestest friend. Can I join u, uncle and aunty for Spidey?


Ekta said...

nice post..
btw what does that emoticon mean??

Anonymous said...

Nice blog pal.

Your Blogging is very interesting to read. Oh! This is where you are hiding these days. No wonder you don't write too much in MS.

Keep penning such nice ones.


Anonymous said...

Ram uncle,

Will you buy me one lolipop please?


Megha said...

That is such a sweet story Jupe! I can imagine it made your day and week both :) 'Azkabun' and 'Tobi' .. tooo adorable, not to mention the e-hug!

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Anonymous said...

Ram uncle,

Can i have 2 lolipop's please?
One for my best friend Arti and one for me.

Jupe said...

Susie, if you don't stop pulling my leg, u will find urself smacked by snowballs. Now behave urself coz u forget i am a tiger :-)

Anonymous said...

Ram uncle,

i am scared of tigers, but calvin is cute. can i hus him when i go to bed?