Monday, July 12, 2004

Super Sunday

No, I am not toking of yet another Schumi win - which incidentally is getting more and more boring. I am specifically referring to how thrilling life can be during weekends. Whilst one of my friends was on a safari tour in South Africa, yet another embarked on a trip to Bangkok for a song-n-dance routine - A third pal of mine was gallivanting in Sikkim fresh from the success of selling "our" first movie script (Girish, I will never ever forgive u for this) whilst the fourth seemed to be holidaying in a beach in Kerala days after joining the 'rigorous' IIMs. With so much excitement happening around the world, can I be far behind ? Guess Guess.

Okie, I was reeling from an experience which had more excitement that what I had Bargained for even in my wildest dreams. I was busy controlling a flood. Okie, as usual I exaggerate but Sunday evening was the time the Rain Gods chose to bless Bangalore with all the water that was due for the last two years - all the water that cost SM Krishna his re-election. And Sunday evening was also the time, the underground water pipe in Koramangla First Block decided it was time to go phhhhtttt. The result was that at 7:08 pm, water entered our house.

My folks, having witnessed a messy flood in 1977, were naturally aghast but innocent me was reveling in the joys of seeing a new spectacle. It wasn’t until the water level in our hall rose to around 4 inches that some sense prevailed on me. I have never understood how on earth my MBA helps in my present role as an SME but it sure seems to have taught me composure and presence of mind. With the calm approach of a practiced hand, I was soon shifting my new TV, old washing machine and our really old dining table to the first floor. Next thing I understood was that water is always very difficult to contain - so the easiest way to get rid of it is to help it find its flow. So I managed to find a small outlet to the earth near our garden and helped divert some water there. Lastly, the biggest learning was that when there are problems like this never visit the Johnny - coz the damn thing never flushes. It comes back.. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

The scene yesterday night at around 12 was that all the water had drained but the place was a big mess full of leaves, twigs and wot-not. Needless to say I had a sleepless night. I was in no mood to come to office today but as usual, a person's true worth is known only when they are not around (sob sob..Kisiki yaad aa gayi) - so many fone calls asking me " Jupe, yeh kaise karna hai" "Jupe, aaj custy visit hai.. aa jao plssss.. Wipro needs you" - So I had to come here. The meeting just got over. N I HAD to blog - hence am here. But believe me folks, I think I will settle for something less excitable next weekend. I have made plans too. Am gonna hire a sports bicycle, wear 2/3rd trousers, spike up my hair (yaaaaaaaaaaaaa), wear orange shades and ride up and down Brigade and MG. Wotsay ?

PS: The high point of y'day evening was when I wanted to take a snap of our house at around 8 pm. Needless to say, u can imagine how my folks reacted.

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Ekta said...

wipro needs u????
hahahaahahah....well tried!;-)