Friday, August 13, 2004

I love life??

Yeaghhhhhhhh..Wanna tear all the hair off my head...Ever felt as if the whole world is out to get you? Ever imagined how it would feel if everything you touched went horribly berserk? Yesterday was one of those days.

One of my pals Di in Chennai was leaving for the US for her higher studies on August 13th and I had made grand plans of dropping in unannounced at the airport to surprise her. Having manipulated things at office somehow to get my boss to allow me to go to Chennai on some official work, I had booked tickets in KPN and then convinced my former room mates to pick me up from Guindy on Friday(today) morning, I was happily reveling in my plans when I got an sms from her at around 6 pm yesterday asking me to wish her ATB for her flight. Rudely jolted, I called up only to find that she was actually leaving in a few hours. Shucks. And what was worse was that she had given me exactly the right details.. August 13th - and I, the fool that I am, had wrongly assumed that she had got it wrong.. Most of the software folks leave on Saturday morning (which is usually assumed to be Friday and hence Aug 13th) and still reach the US on Saturday (flying west saves a day) which still gives them a day to recover from the jet lag before Monday dawns and I had assumed that she was doing the same thing. Unfortunately my assumptions were horribly misplaced and I goofed up. I was so disappointed that it was a terse goodbye over phone :-((

Next it was time to call up my Ex-room mates and tell them I wasn't coming. Unfortunately since I had buggered them all day yesterday over plans for Saturday, one of them had already gone ahead and booked tickets for Vasoolraja MBBS for us. After being at the receiving end of a few choicest expletives, I hung up.

Thoroughly pissed with the turn of events I trudged down to the local CD shop to seek some relief by renting a movie. Julie....I surely wasn't in the mood for that kinda stuff…. I finally settled down on Collateral, a movie that debuted at no: 1 at the USBO just last weekeend. I enjoyed 2/3rds of the movie that I saw - hold on - I didn’t mean 80 of the 120 minutes, I meant the two thirds of the pirated print that was visible on screen while I vaguely assumed what was happening on the 1/6th on either side. Not to mention the people who frequently seemed to be getting up and walking out of the cinema hall - GODDAMN.

Did I mention that during one of the Chennai phone calls, I had detached the Netlon and opened my bedroom window to get a better signal and then forgotten to close it thereby letting in a million mosquitoes ? And yeah, the ALL-OUT repellant stock had run out last week so I slept with 3 agarbathis burning throughout the night..And here I am at office finally at 11, not working but venting my anger on a keyboard whose S key seems to be coming off.. Godddddddddddddd save me !

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J said...

Not to forget the "sweet" poem i had written for YOU!