Saturday, August 21, 2004

Up and Down and Up...

What a day its been so far...Never knew i could go through such a varied range of emotions all within 24 hours.. Hold it.. make that 16 hrs coz theres still some part of the day left..

Woke up at 6 am...An upset stomach...Paes and Lee lost 16-14 in the final set.. I was totally gutted.. the day coudn't have started worse, right?? Since i was expecting some visitors i could not even go out..Rent a movie?? The Manchurian Candidate was not available - the strike is still on so Fida and Shrek2 were ruled out...Signs and divine intervention be damned - Need to move on.. So caught up with Hum Tum...finally...

But Hulllo... Wot was all that hulla about...The movie is no great shakes.. Okie, I have never visited Amsterdam, Paris or New York and really appreciate being taken on a tour of these places for a cool Rs 15..But hey, shooting a movie abroad just because the producer had a 20 crore budget is plain juvenile.. Cmon boss, kahaani mein locations ka bhi significance aur contribution hota hai..

Some other random observations.. Abey yaar, why on earth did Rani have to mess up with her hair style in the first half - short hair is an absolute no-no with me :-(((( Why do women get so worked up when men open their purses/bags? (Ms Murthy, any answers??) Did the movie really need those supposedly funny animated characters? What in the name of Jesus H Christ was AB(Jr) doing in that guest appearance? And those lousy jokes stolen straight from the Internet...I could go on and on...But ya, its only fair that i also mention what i liked about the movie..Saif was cool, the blizzards of Paris were awesome, Kiron Kher and Rishi Kapoor were cho chweet, Jatin-Lalit's music fit the mood - even "Chuck De Chuck De" sounded tolerable ...Where was i... Ya, besides these i thought DING DONG was cute and that imaginary arranged marriage conversation was very mushy ;-) Okie, lets get this outta the way.. The movie is a mized bag.. 3 stars out of 5 but still... When Harry Met Sally rocks.. and will always rock.. Meg Ryan..ahem


Why am i here in office (K2 thankfully) on a Saturday afternoon..Got stood up for an evening "date" so checking mails and trying to get someone to chat with me.. Sins of the past seem to be catching up!! Hello, India lost to the Kiwis in hockey ?? Why do my prophecies always come true? And whats this - Sachin will miss the whole of the Videocon Cup - Yesssss...this means DK will play..Go Tambi Go !!

Yippeee.. Just got a mail from a dear old friend and its good news..It seems to be the season of children everywhere. After Tom told me about how Ashish and Twinkle had adopted a kid, another friend of mine Vaibhav has finally gone ahead and found the one for him..Its been 3 years since i saw him months before his wedding and we've been in touch only over mails exchanging notes on orphanages - I haven't even dropped in to have bhabhi's khaana so no chance of becoming the kid's godfather :-( Hey, did i forget to mention that the kid's name is Avantika and she's just 2.5 yrs - Ram uncle can't wait to see her :-))) Anyway gotta ask him how he went about doing it..Maybe i should give it one last shot.... Hmmmm...

Just read some reports in the press that Fida has had a decent opening.. God God pls let it stay so..Let Ken Ghosh do well..G, i hope u r praying for us.

Its started drizzling again.. and i feel like going out and having garma garam vada paav and cutting chai and then a small dance in the rain like Revathy does in MR :-) Or maybe i should just go home and listen to AAO NA.. Sadhna Sargam simly rocks in the sargam *sigh* should have learnt music :-( Neway...

Ge Ge Re, Ge Ge Re, Ge Re Ge Me Ge Re
Re Re Sa, Re Re Sa, Ni Sa Ni
Ghunji Si Hai Sari Fiza Jaise Bajti Ho Shehnaiyaan
Leherati Hai Mehki Hawa Gungunati Hain Tanhaiyaan
Sab Gaate Hain Sab Hi Madhosh Hain
Hum Tum Kyun Khamosh Hain
Saaz - E- Dil Chedo Na
Chup Ho Kyun Gaavon Na
Aao Na.. Ao Na... Aao Na... Aao Na...

Tan Man Mein Kyun Aise Behti Huyi
Thandi Si Ik Aag Hai
Saason Mein Hai Kaisi Yeh Ragini
Dhadkan Mein Kya Raag Hai
Yeh Hua Kya Humein Hum Ko Samjhaoo Na...(2)

Sab Gaate Hain ...Khamosh Hain
Dil Mein Jo Baatein Hai
Hoton Pe Laoo Na
Aao Na... Aao Na...

Ab Koi Duri Na Uljan Koi
Bas Ek Ikrar Hai
Ab Na Kahin Hum Na Tum Hd Kahin
Bas Pyaar Hi Pyaar Hai
Sun Sako Dhadkane Itne Paas Aao Na...(2)
Sab Gaatein ...Khamosh Hain

Ab Mere Sapno Pe Tum Hi Tum Chahoo Na
Aao Na... Aao Na... Aao Na....

Ghunji Si Hai ...Gungunati Hain Tanhaiyaan ......Aao Na Aao Na....

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OriginalKopy said...

Finally heh :) Now be a good boy and finish the task at hand :D
Methinks AB baby was ok dokie - wonly that Jimmy Shergill looked pathetic with his frenchie - sheeesh!!