Monday, August 23, 2004

Yet another silver for India... the (Wipr)Olympics :-) Curious? Read on.. Warning: Modesty was never ever my strength so if u've had enough of me bragging about my tall achievements in previous posts, this is exactly where you stop reading.

Since you have chosen to continue, you are either seriously interested in my exploits (extremely unlikely) or you are just plain nosy..Either way i like you :-) Remember i mentioned sometime back that i used to be a quizzer. One fact i forgot to mention then was that though i won my first quiz in Std 6, i didn't win any after that :-D So in effect, that was probably my only ever single-handed quiz victory. (Team wins don't count much esp: when you are just another cog in the wheel) Why this confession now one may ask? I am just trying to build credibility before i make the astounding statement that is to follow now.

Today, I've just become the second best quizzer amongst 31700 people :-))) The Masaki Nagaos, Richard Garnicks, Werner Goertzs and Walter Oertmullers have all been crushed... Lemme explain.. Suno na.. plsssss.. Havta tell someone...We had this 'Xpose the Pix' online contest last wednesday (whoever coined this term needs a crash course in copyrighting) where photographs of three famous Olympians, their sport and national flag were supposed to be revealed in 4 steps. And hey, i got all 3 right with the first set of clues itself. (pat on my own back) All those afternoons of playing A QUESTION OF SPORT finally paid off. Quite honestly, I thought my knowledge of the Olympics was pathetic but people around me seem to be worse. Anyway a win is a win and i am on top of the world - well almost except that there is this one bugger above me... How i would dearly love to murder him :-)) Neway waiting now for the Internal mail announcing the winners which should catapult me to celebrity status :-)) My phone is gonna keep ringing and the mails are gonna flow in like crazy.. sha la la la...

ps: I wrestled with the notion of disabling comments for this post since i am sure there are certain elements who will say mean things ;-) But then i also love fan mail so u know-wot-to-do now.. Be nice to me and fill the comments section with feel-good compliments (Jupe, u r sooooo shameless)

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Tafosi said...

Congratulations. Maybe the winner will fail a dope test, thus promoting you.