Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Yet another sob story

Avan nokinaan avalum nokinaal...Kangalum kangalum kathisandai pottukondana. A few darting glances – a shy smile – but then she turned away. He looked down at the magazine in his hand and tried to concentrate on the statistics staring at him – for the fourth time…in vain…What stared back at him were not numbers but images of her. (Business World never ever made sense to him anyway) He could even hear his heart thumping and smell the sweet perfume wafting from her seat …His heart ached…. Was this the “real thing”.. Peeking from the corner of his eyes, he chanced to see her open a book. “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”.. He felt a strange warmth….this woman was intelligent and classy... Last week she had been listening to Tchaikovsky... He felt giddy….And then he caught her stealing a quick look at him.. His joy knew no bounds. This had to be it. And then it happened….Her eyebrows twitched up and she let a collective gasp of relief.. She silently chided herself for something and then turned and gave him a look... A look that he was only all too familiar.. A look that clearly said
Yes, now I know who he looks like….my boyfriend’s best friend XXX…

Yet another love story nipped in the bud... Yet another dream quashed at the start :-)

Dedicated to Susie - my loyal reader cum virulent critic :-) Idhu eppdirukku ?

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