Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Phir Milenge...

There is a brand new White shirt hanging on the clothesline but there is a small ink stain near the collar..If you are the kinda person who can ignore the stain (small flaw right..) and marvel at the sparkling white spectacle (the bigger picture), then Phir Milenge is absolute miss-not fare..

Serious, bitter-sweet and definitely thought-provoking, the film is sure proof that women directors like Revathy have arrived and are very much there to stay. What is most appealing is that Revathy has chosen to be neither pedantic nor melodramatic but simply attempted to spread a strong message on HIV and AIDS within the realms of the commercial format.

There is so much positive in the film but special mention has to be made of Bhavatha Raja for her riveting background score (watch out for the BGM is all the Kerala sequences - the drums beats are simply is the use of Sanskrit shlokas), Atul Sabharwal for his spellbinding screenplay and sensitive dialogues and the ensemble South Indian supporting cast for the wonderful performances. Music is purely functional but "Khulke Muskurale Dil" did bring a lump in my throat - maybe even a tear or two. The real scene stealers are however Shilpa Shetty in what is undoubtedly the performance of her lifetime, the gal who plays Shilpa's sister and Abhishek Bachchan who speaks effortlessly with his expressive eyes. Mainstream viewers might find the movie's pace a little irksome but if meaningful film-making is your cuppa kaapi then Phir Milenge is worth even black ticket rates at PVR.

Moments of sheer cinematic bliss:
# When Shilpa returns to her office and finds the difference in people's attitude towards her
# The camaraderie between mentor and protege played by Nasser and Aby baby resp:
# All the scenes where the two sisters share screen space - sizzling chemistry this one

Two thumbs up for Phir Milenge.

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