Thursday, October 21, 2004


I: Proud to be a Wiproite
Okie, this is not my tribute to that classic starring Sohail Khan.. This is more a relflection of my new-found love for my workplace...And btw, its got nothing to do with our great Q2, a hopefully eye-popping QPLC, the recent salary hike or even the 2 good days of training..Its got everything to do with the people around here...Hear me out please...

Yesterday was WipRaatri... Sales of Dhandiya sticks had started as early as 9 in the morning and by noon there was a great sense of excitement in the campus.. Everyone was looking forward to 4 pm when the tamasha would start..The whole campus had a festive look to it...The bus parking lot had been cleared and a colourful shamiana had been erected... Whereever one went, there were pretty women clad in resplendent gagra cholis and colorful sarees...a sight for sores eyes...Come 4 pm and the events like group and individual dance commenced. I had been involved in a customer visit during the first half of the day and loads of pending work kept me occupied till 6 pm. By the time i felt like partying, it had started drizzling.. Last year our MBA batch had been present in decent strength and we'd had a ball..Since then Harmeet has flown the coop, Nalini has moved to M3, Pratyush is nowhere to be seen, Anand is busy and so i was left with no crowd to join...And at around half past 6, the heavens opened up and it started pouring like crazy.. And thats when i saw the indomitable spirit of Wiproites come to fore..Refusing to be cowed down by the incessant donwpour, the crowd only got more vociferous imploring the DJ to play louder music.. Suffice to say the real party began only then..Soon the speakers were blaring Bhangra, Western rap, Manmadha Rasa and Indipop...The women just let their hair loose, shed their inhibitions and danced like there would be no tomorrow....People who had packed their bags and planned to leave for the day found themselves invariably drawn towards the dance floor and there were almost 500 people totally drenched but still having the time of their lives.. Wowwww....Of course, i watched all this from the sidelines under the safe confines of an umbrella.. But yes, it wud have been so much fun if only Smita K had been here.. Come back from Hyd, pal... T4, 3rd floor A-wing missed u lotsssssssssss... :-((

Hmmmm...Dancing...Third time this week that i've felt like "Hey, mebbe its not a bad thing after all" - Lemme qualify that a little.. Of course, i still think its a dangerous past-time what with people invariably treading on other's feet in a crowded disc but there is a certain joy that comes with letting loose... Mebbe i should enrol in some classes..Nothing fancy like the jive/salsa/samba/rumba but more of the classy ballroom dancing type..Waltz and fox-trot and maybe once i come to grips even cha-cha :-)))))

Last part of this post..Am yet to find out how to upload more than one photo in a post and since there are almost 20 in my "Day 4 at the Chinnaswamy Stadium" album, am just providing the link here... Enjoy the action - both off and on the field.

PS: I was not the one behind the camera.


Anonymous said...

There are classes for all these if Deep is right. So you've got yourself a deal ol' man.

psst Sowms even said she would lend us 'your song' till we find 'ours' :) Tujhe aaj maine jo dekha...

Jupe said...

Si una vez
Yo pudiera llegar
A erizar
De frio tu piel
A quemar, que se yo, tu boca
Y morirme allŲŠ despues