Friday, October 15, 2004


Fancy watching a "crossover" movie dubbed in Hindi... Where people need no excuses to break into a song-and-dance routine every 7 minutes (n isnt even of the HAHK types)...a movie where the lead actors do not know the ABC of acting...where the dialogues are so contrived that you feel like tearing your hair apart...where every character is a caricature of the highest order cliche...a pretending-to-be-a-storyline that is absolute balderdash..Its been quite some time since i trashed a movie so badly but if u ain't from Punjab, this one is gonna drive u nuts...more so when everyone around you has some connection with Punjab and seem to be actually enjoying the agony...Enough is enough.. I shall not remind myself of that Chinese Torture..


PS: If you want a more sensitive and sensible adaptation of Austen, then try KANDUKONDAIN KANDUKONDAIN inspired by Sense and Sensibility.

Been reading Rudy Giuliani's LEADERSHIP now for almost a week. Though i hate most things remotely American, Rudy happens to be one of the few politicians i grudgingly admire. Its really amazing how he managed to turn around New York and this book gives a lot of pointers as to how he actually went about achieving those changes. Though the setting is clearly New York and theres loads of material on how he ran his political campaign to become Mayor, a significant portion of the book is also dedicated to how he handled 9/11 which offers some splendid insights into what makes a good leader. Well worth flipping through the 400 odd pages.

Haven't heard most of the new albums but whoeever i meet has been strongly recommending MUSAFIR. The album comes with a total of 13 songs with a few numbers having multiple versions like lounge, techno and sufi. Critics have been comparing it very favorably with Kaante and i guess that is good enough for me. In case, any of u have heard the songs pls feel free to drop in n comment.

Bennedosa seems to have returned to set shop again in Koramangla 1st block. Yippeeee...

Quote of the week:
It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them.


Ram said...

why do you hate things remotely american. please rationalise...

Jupe said...

Dunno Ram... but idhellam "aaraaya koodathu simply anubhavikanum"...Mebbe its got to do with the US of A's big brother attitude..