Sunday, November 07, 2004

I'll be there for you.......

She: Tell me, when is it?
Me: Wots in it for me?
She: Uffff
Me: Why do you have to be so domineering?
She: ..and you so childish
Me: Hold it, I AM NOT
She: Really? Look at the caps ;-)
Me: I don’t like the sarcasm in your tone !!
She: ..Do you atleast like Shrewsbury?
Me: Ur the bestestestest ! Grill …now…
She: So when is Raksha Bandhan?
Me: How can you forget?
She: Dats me…
Me: Day after… now grill pls..
She: Coming :-)

Me: Hi
He: Sollu da
Me: Onnum illa
He: Sollu machi.. wassup
Me: Nothing.. Jes felt like calling
He: U OK?
Me: Yaa
He: today evening?
Me: Yaa
He: Padam polaama..
Me: Yaa
He: ...and we can tok there...
Me: Seri da

Me: Happy Birthday bunny
She: Cheapo..There are other ways to say the same thing
Me: Like?
She: Heard of gifts?
Me: Want me to bake you a cake ;-)
She: Oh gawd. Noooooo. You can save that for... ;)
Me: Then?
She: I am not telling
Me: Neway here’s wot I got for you..
She: Wowwww…can I open it?
Me: Of course
She: Room Service… Geeee.. thanks…
Me: Now, can I please borrow it for tonight?
She: What!!!!!!!! You are mad!!!!
Me: Is that a yes? ;-)

Good friends are like stars....You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.

ps: Thanks guys for being there for me...sob sob....why am I so emotional ;-)
pps: Now..Am i forgiven for all those fone calls I promised but never made ?


Anonymous said...

37 and still counting...............

Jupe said...

I promise to return it before you fly Down Under :-)

Anonymous said...

Keep it.
Tum bhi kya yaad rakhoge...

Anonymous said...

You know s'thg? You were rite on every single quote. I checked. How do you remember them all?