Friday, November 19, 2004


Call it the effects of reading Coelho or wotever but I think I've been behaving more like a born-again-man these last few days :-) Prayer is the new mantra. Dunno how long it will last but let me make the most of my new found faith. Besides there's lots of things I need to ask of the Good Lord so what better time than now to do it...

Dear Lord,

My dear friend and ex-roomie Pranav celebrated his B'day day before yesterday. Please give his fiance Vandana strength and courage for all the tough years ahead of her :-)

My greatest love in college, pgp-01-065 aka TRAsh entered into holy matrimony (with a gal thankfully) day before yesterday. Please bless him with patience and understanding, esp when i make that much delayed phone call today to wish him well :-)

The oddest couple I've met - Rads and Dhruv, two dear friends from college again, tied the knot, you guessed right, day before. Please shower on the couple your choicest blessings, though cash is preferred :-)

On a more serious note, Its amazing how years after I've given CAT some friend or the other of mine is still going through the ordeal. Sp please spare 3 hours of your time on Sunday and help BK and Partha come out in flying colours..Remember Chennai is where they are giving their test so maybe you can spare your third eye in that direction.

Jokes apart, though my 14 lpa funda seems to have worked wonders for Iacross, I am sure he would still not mind 14 lpa for both himself and his gal...Summers time it is at IIM-A so please work out some of your miracles for them too...

Like the good boy I have always been, I haven't asked anything for myself. I am sure you know best but then I hope you are aware that Veer Zaara has released at Rex and FF and I are planning to watch it on Sunday... I'll leave the rest unsaid.


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