Friday, December 31, 2004

2004: A Personal Balance Sheet

@ Lost the freedom and privacy of living alone - gained pillars of support in the form of family ( top the great food)

@ Gained a couple of hikes at work - lost the guts to give it all up and follow the heart

@ Lost all hope of learning anything remotely associated to marketing @ work - gained valuable lessons in leadership, crisis handling and people management thanks to an amazing boss

@ Gained a lot more ideas for 'our first movie' - lost most of my free time watching all kinds of films and documentaries in order to 'learn the trade' and understand 'what works'

@ Lost the ability to learn to appreciate "the smaller things in life" thanks to reading some horrible non-fiction - gained an healthy appetite towards reading trashy fiction

@ Gained plaudits for an article written on Why sports talent is dying in our country - lost all touch in actively playing games like cricket and TT (Such hypocrisy !!)

@ Lost my brand new walkman and a few cassettes - gained sympathy, some GVs and knowledge of which of my dear pals are real suckers :-)

@ Gained a lot of weight - lost my agility and sense of humor in the bargain

@ Lost my heart - gained the strength to make light of it and move on

@ Gained silent but strong support from a few meaningful relationships - lost my erstwhile vanity in keeping my problems to myself

@ Lost a very dear friend and peace of mind for a couple of weeks - gained nothing but bitterness

@ Gained a few nicknames - lost my absurd "safe guy" image finally..Ufff ;-)

@ Lost quite a few of my close friends to holy matrimony - gained some amazing bhabhis :-)

Some other losses, some other gains.. When they all add up, probably more of the latter than the former.. Well, not as bad a year as 2003 but could have been better..No sweat ! There is 2005 to look forward to :-)