Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Can I leave this B-L-A-N-K ?

Hell !! Life sure is very unpredictable.. Day before was awesome, yesterday was horrible.. Bloody messy fight..A bloodbath would be the most apt word.. Called each other names, raked up the past, hit where it hurt the most, took it out really hard..Usually I avoid such slug-fests preferring to stay silent.. But dunno wot gotta unto me..Neway, isn't it a wonder that something that was built with care and nurtured over two years can all crash down like a castle made of playing cards in jes a moment.. Not that the warning signs weren't there but still when it actually happened, everything seemed so unfair..

In a crazy sorta way, this Tee shirt kinda sums it all up...

multi talented, originally uploaded by Jupieee.

Well.. Bygones should be bygones.. Jes bak from a commendation ceremony.. Ganesh K completed 15 yrs at this workplace on Friday.. A very patient man I must say.. It was nice hearing his thoughts on his long innings and even nicer to be able to say some nice things about him. Wishing him all the best for the future..

And here are some really nice cartoons, the only other bright spot in my day so far..Ensoiii !

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