Thursday, January 13, 2005

JLT - wotever number it is....

I should have seen it coming.. The calm before the storm..It isn't often that I don't get mails from my boss for a week. I knew something was amiss and had even been preparing myself for looking out for a new job (you never know you see - besides Infy's Qtr performance was so tempting) but when the mail finally did come today morning, it was something I hadn't imagined even in my wildest dreams. The bugger (and i use it affectionately) wants me to plan and drive a Strategy session for our next year's Business targets. For once I have responsibility and authority. And all this is because of some foolhardy suggestion that I seem to have made a month back. If shooting-oneself-in-the-mouth was an Olympic event, then India would win gold as long as I competed. Anyway to quote him in his own inimtable way "Now yoo hev sum homewerg to do during Bongal" :-)

If that wasn't enough, second half of the day was spent negotiating one of these very, very tricky Do-you-know-thy-partner questionnaires that seem to pop up from nowhere. In the absence of genuine 'soul-mates' (no offence meant), forwarded it to the ex, a couple of really close friends and then compared notes only to realise that I seem to know them better than they knew themselves - and definitely more than their current beaus. These women don't seem to have any good taste :-p

Neway jokes apart, here's the test. Try it out at your own risk.

For both of you
1. Your partner's first crush:
2. Your partner's favorite expression when referring to the current boss:
3. Your partner's first words to you:
4. Your (both of you) favorite song:
5. First compliment your partner paid you:
6. Your partner's preferred honeymoon destination:
7. The one quality your partner most likes in you:
8. Your partner's favorite excuse when he/she is late:
9. The last fight you had with your partner:
10. Your (both of you) favorite hang-out spot:

For questions 1-10,
Score 5 if both of you got it right - You know each other well and share a deep and meaningful relationship
Score - 0 if both of you got it wrong - Its early days and you have a lifetime ahead of you to know each other
Score -5 if one of you got it right - Now one of you is obviously not so committed so quit playing the fool and get serious ;-)

For the men
11. The movie she wept most:
12. Her favorite TV serial:
13. Her brother's (if none, father) nickname for her:
14. Her favorite lipstick shade:
15. Her bedroom wall color:
16. Her favorite cartoon character:

For the women
11. His favorite TV commercial:
12. His favorite movie line:
13. His sister's (if none, mother) nickname for him:
14. His favorite deo brand:
15. His bedroom wallposter:
16. His favorite computer / video game:

For questions 11 to 16,
Score 5 for every correct answer
Score 0 for every wrong answer

There is supposedly a pyschological jusification for most of the choices men and women make and chessy as it is, (Mars Vs Venus stuff) will put it up later.. For now, ensoii !!

Its a long weekend and quite a few wishes are to be sent out. So here I go...

Happy Birthday Cheenu !! May the coming year bring you loads of happiness and cheer (and some common sense too so that you stop giving lifts in your car to strangers)

Happy Birthday mama !! Hope the coming year brings you peace, health and wealth (so that we may start our publishing company soon)

Happy Birthday Tusku !! You can ask for anything you wish and I hope, nah pray, God hears your loud little voice and grants it to you :-)

Happy Pongal to all you folks !!


Anonymous said...

First thing in these tests is to be honest. And that you definitely were not. For Qs where one of us knew the answer you deliberately botched up so that we don't get minuses. C-H-E-A-T !!

Fyi Mistuh, I never cried @ Tholli Prema :(

Anonymous said...

The answers in the other blog were..err..highly i-opening :D L is a decent score dude, mebbe yoo shud ask her 2 reconsider ;-)

'Koka Kola with Koundamani' was howlarious. Yoo should have posted that here. My personal favorite was Trisha with
Paarka koodaathathu : Kuliyal scene video
Paarthu rasippathu : Gilli

Keep it up buddy :)

Postscript: Yoo shud enable comments there to avoid this cross-refereces

Jupe said...

Anon1You did - You did - Don't even try pretending :-)

“The strong shall take from the weak and the smart shall take from the strong.” - The Rule of Four ;-)


Comments enabled now...Mishtake ho gaya madam..And the less spoken abt my pugundha veedu, the better :-) Btw, my latest favorite is that cutie Asin :-p

Anonymous said...

Thanks da