Thursday, January 20, 2005

Movers and Shakers

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In what has to go down as the first big tragedy of the New Year, a move sure to send millions of her fans into indefinite mourning, Shakila the undisputed queen of Malayalam cinema last week announced her intention to try out 'different' roles. Refusing to be stereotyped as a glamour doll, the bold young actress has decided to go in for an immediate image make-over. Her first attempt towards this is Alex Thankachan's Ee Abhaya Theeram where she plays a nun, Sister Mary Magdalene, who takes care of orphaned children. Unknown sources claim that shooting is progressing at a very rapid pace at some secret location where media have been denied entry. However this reporter managed to talk to Lincy, a 6 year old kid who is part of this ambitious project. Here's what Lincy had to say about the star of the project

"Shakila Aunty is so sweet. She gives all of us chocolates when we do the scene right in the first shot itself. And believe me, she is simply fabulous in the movie, she will surely win an Oscar."

Now this is one movie to look forward to.

So much is happening around me that I've almost forgotten that the ex (:-p) is coming to town sometime next week, hopefully on Republic Day, just before I leave for Delhi. The one thing we always do when we catch up is to shop for clothes and watch a movie together. This time should be no different and I am actually looking forward to watching a Telegu movie after a long time. In fact I even have one in mind Balu...ABCDEFG. No kidding, its true - the alphabet sequence. So any guesses on what ABCDEFG stands for ? Yes, here is is...A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl. Now please tell me there were atleast a few others here who split their sides laughing. The latest I hear is that buoyed by the success of the aforementioned film, Pawan Kalyan has rushed into announcing a sequel...Guess..Yeah, Raju...HIJKLMN... Unlimited rounds of beer to neone creative enough to suggest a whacky name to fit that acronym :-p And P*****k, you do not qualify to take part in this :-p

Its easier to make George Bush shut up than to extract a few words out of Mani Ratnam. January has arrived but the much awaited officlal confirmation is yet to come from the offices of Madras Talkies on what Mani sir's next project will be about. This has only led to stronger rumours that it will be a youthful subject with new faces in most of the important roles. Of course, the crack technical team of Sujata, ARR and Ravi K Chandran will continue but there have been persistent stories that Mani Sir is on the lookout for fresh talent to join him as assistants. For the record, this reporter knew this news long back thanks to FN but then "To bite the bullet now or later: that is the question"

That Black is one movie I can't wait to see FDES is old news. What is definitely new is the rumor that Sanjay Leela Bhansali's next could star one of the country's finest if not best actor - Mohanlal. The icing on the cake is the news that Lalettan could be playing a neurotic in the final instalment in Bhansali's trilogy (Khamoshi, Black and now this one) For someone who loved Mohanlal in classics like Iruvar, Company and even watched movies like Bharatham, Harikrishnans, Kilukkam and His Highness Abdullah in a strange language, there couldn't be sweeter news.

She had it all. At 5'8" she was really tall, hotttttt as hell, kinky in a very nice way ("Quod me nutrit, me destuit"), really smart and single too (after BBT and JLM). Well, it was way too good to be true. Though I've tried my damnedest to dismiss her outrageous public statements as more towards sensationalism than truth, this last one settles it. I don't quite fancy spending a litetime with a woman undecided about her sexual preferences. In case you are still
wondering what this is all about, she gave yet another interview yesterday to a lesbian magazine that she wouldn't mind sleeping with a female fan. Angelina Jolie will now be history. I'll miss ya babes :-(


Anonymous said...

Not Bajirao Mastani ? :O
Enough of movie stuff. When can we expect Rail Sneham ?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I can drink draughts, U ........

btw, did U check out Johnny, pawan kalyan's earlier movie? must say in the theatre it was good.. 'cos when I saw trailers in tv, esp the part where he hits some 50 odd karate enthusiasts, I kinda laughed with something other than my mouth...

and no, since I dont want the free beer, wont take a chance with the hijklmn...

Man with no Name