Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Some quick recommends

Ever since Virumandi wasn't selected as India's official entry to the Oscars this year, I've been a little upset. Not after watching Shwaas though. Thanks to Sarika, picked up the VCD a week back and havta confess that it was one heckuva movie. Without a shadow of doubt, one of the best Indian flicks I have seen in a looong looong time. Tis a real pity that Shwaas doesn't have any big names promoting it aggressively for IMHO its a much better effort than Lagaan. Of course even if it does make it to the Best Foreign Movie short-list (which in itself would involve a lot of wining and dining), it doesn't stand a ghost of a chance of winning considering there are heavyweights like The Sea Inside and The Motorcyle Diaries. Anyway the Oscars do not mean much considering they are so politicised but Indian cinema sure could do with some well-deserved visibility.

Shwaas - ***** - Strongly recommended !!

The Rule of Four

For starters, I must confess that it took me a lot of time, much more than my usual, to finish this book. Maybe it was the meticulous detailing in the plot, the constant references to the Renaissance period or maybe it was just finicky ol' me who felt challenged to understand the book in its entirety, so here's a warning straight away. In case you are looking for a racy, page turner then stay off this book. Though I would not like to bias you more, I cannot seem to stop myself from making just one 'important observation'.

All comparisons with The DaVinci Code are IMHO meaningless simply because it would be akin to comparing the comedies of David Dhawan and Hrishikesh Mukherjee. The Rule of Four and The DaVinci Code are based on secret codes hidden in old texts/pieces of art, but then the comparison between the two pretty much ends there. So what if the genre is the same, definitely there is a huge gulf in the quality of the writing. Here are some review comments /
blurbs with which I can totally identify

"The main differences are that The Rule of Four is actually much better written than The DaVinci Code, it is much more intellectually stimulating, and it doesn't try to rewrite the history of the Catholic Church."

"Comparisons to The Da Vinci Code are inevitable, but Caldwell and Thomason's book is the more cerebral-and better written-of the two"

"It's a complicated, intricate and sometimes difficult read, but that's the point and the pleasure."

"The mystery keeps you interested, but it is the deeper human and emotional elements of Caldwell and Thomason's book that really make it stand out from the crowd."

"As a thriller, The Rule of Four is not especially fast-paced, but the personalities and relationships are well-handled...... This is good entertainment, a Da Vinci Code for people with brains."

If not for anything else, what captured my fancy was the arresting start. Check it out below

"Strange thing, time. It weighs most on those who have it least. Nothing is lighter than being young with the world on your shoulders; it gives you a feeling of possibility so seductive, you know there must be something more important you could be doing than studying for exams. "

I rest my case :-)

Blogs and posts
This one was long overdue but as they say, the wait was well worth it. Never enjoyed a more 'real' post than this hilarious one by 'the bro'. Speaks volumes about pretty readers :-)

Call me sexist pig or wotever but as a thumb rule, I A-V-O-I-D blogs belonging to the fairer sex - find most of them playing shamelessly to the gallery. Before you cry foul, this is obviously a generalisation that has some rare exceptions. And one of them is definitely Phantasmagoria Phantasmagoria. Check out the post "On being shown your place" - Direct DilSe writing ! Doff my hat, lady !

For sports fans, Blockhole here might just interest you, though in its present avatar there is an unhealthy overdose of Yankee sports ;-)

For the latest buzz in Hollywood plus under-production news, check out The Movie Blog here.

Corner talk:
I have a friend in the UK who's doing his medicine who has a room-mate whose ex worked for a PR consultant of a leading daily who has a contact in the publishing business who knows of a private MR firm operator who conducted a survey at JKRs behest....Oh damn, I know you folks wanna cut to the chase so here's the scoop. Its pretty much confirmed news that HAGRID is the one who dies in HP6. If there are people whose first reaction was "...and about time too" then pls mail me coz we could really become pals. Neway June will tell us whether this is yet another rumour doing the rounds or the plain and simple truth but in case its the latter, then remember that you heard it first here.


Priyanka said...

Hagrid? :((
but there seems to be no point in killing him? It would make more sense if Lupin or Pettigrew dies..

Jupe said...

Quite honestly, my personal opinion is that JKR is playing around with the plot just to pique our curiosity..All these secret surveys as to what her core following expect of the next book and how she plans to spring a surprise contrary to expectations reeks of a PR campaign meticulously managed by these marketing whizzes...I know Lupin is very close to your heart and it probably makes sense to kill him too but then commercial necessities might force her to make a bigger sacrifice. My stance is clear - Neone but Herm ;-)

ps: Vikram Seth's The Golden Gate was mindblowing..But TS Elliot..Sorry ma'am..Have never managed to make any sense of his works..Besides, the war of words between Hirak and the other critic kinda intimidated me...So many intellectuals and here I am :O

pps: U never mentioned abt VZ ? :-))

dumbs said...

u got to check out Motorcycle diaries. based on a true story....amazing visuals....gr8 direction...apt acting.

Anonymous said...

Can we please see Nuvvostanante ?? Please Please
Paaviom pa naa :(