Thursday, February 24, 2005

FTP post


So you're saying what's new about this image, right ? Well..Nothing.. But the amusing thing is I got it from my boss day before yesterday at around 2:34 pm...and when I saw the mail sequence below..I observed that he'd got it from his boss at 2:26 pm who in turn got it from his boss the previous evening at around 7:25 pm.. No big deal, right ? Wait. Now this last boss is the BIG ONE himself. I name no names but its you-know-who. So there's yet another eyeopener. Now I know what rich, corporate head honchos do when they are bored. THEY SPAM. I pity the next person who will dare to complain when he/she receives a fwd from me ;-)

Leaving that interesting(??) anecdote aside, the last few days this curiosity bug has bitten me again. My site stats have gone up dramatically and the practical side of me refuses to believe that I've been 'discovered' by new people. I am now mighty eager to know who are the people who will buy my book the day I write one. Of course, making people comment in my blog is like cajoling Inzy to take a quick single after hitting the ball straight to Ponting. So here's the freebee. I know I have already shared the booty with quite a few of you but for the rest, I do have with me a lot of e-books, a representative sample of which is shared below

Kahlil Gibran's Prophet
Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code
Ethan M. Rasiel's The McKinsey Way,
JKR's Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
Short stories of O Henry and Guy De Maupassant
Mark Haddon's Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace

....besides a lot of English classics.

Of course most of it is available in the net but isn't it easier to just drop in a comment with your name/email-id and pick a book of your choice. Think about it folks ;-)

Moving on, here's the latest (ok, not so latest) in the long line of songs I have come to like just because the geeks around me, who do testing for an audio project, refuse to change their PlayList. Yeah..the first time I heard it I was livid coz the tune was a straight lift from a Tamil folk song of yesteryear, Pollachi Sandhaiyile..But what the heck, after some time you've got to admit that even the lifted tune rocks..And after seeing the video in Channel V, I am happy I didn't let me initial prejudices rule me for long. Rabbi rocks and Bulla Ki Jaana Mein Kaun simply grows on you with every hear. And if, like me, you've heard it around 30 times every day for the last 7 days, then you are even prepared to believe that the song has answers to every possible problem in life (which despite being a tall claim is not altogether false..thanks to Sameer for his translation of the lyrics).. In case there are still people who haven't heard this song, just go check out Channel V asap.

Books...Hmmm..I'm sure most of you have observed Rediff going ballistic with A special feature on Shobhaa De's latest piece of crap - Spouse:The truth about marriage. For someone who's tracked SDs career from her editorial stints at Stardust (Meeow) and Society (eeeks) to her social columns in TOI and her literary classics like Surviving Men and Speedpost, I am not in the least surprised that she is back to what she does best - which is writing soft porn literature. The latest book has been receiving quite a few good reviews and when Guru in his blog here mentioned about it, I was even more curious to know what her biggest fan cum critic, that grand old old Sardar, had to say about the book. Was I disappointed ? Age sure seems to have caught up with him :-(

Okie, time to end this post. But before I do that, Feb is almost coming to a close and I've missed wishing quite a few people on a lot of happy occasions. So here I go...

Belated Birthday Wishes to the 'original kid'...I know this greeting is off by a day but then I'm sure you will forgive your first friend at SP for this small bhool :-)

Belated Best Wishes to two more of my good friends who will bite the dust in a couple of months: Firstly Apu, who got engaged on 14th Feb (Val day?? or was it on 13th??) to Harish (we have enough Ramakrishnans so lets not add to the confusion) and also Suman who got hooked on Feb 13th with a mysterious Jharkhand belle. Is it a co-incidence that they both did their autumns at Britannia ? Shucks.. I am getting too perceptive these days.

Congratulations and Best Wishes also to triple centum Mukilan who got married on Feb 13th to a fellow RECTian Prathiba. Machaan, I look at our Banana Leaf farewell party snap everyday and I still cannot believe that the one person who I thought would never fall in love and marry (besides me, of course) is the first one to do so. Long Live The Internet !!

Congratulations also to two of my pals who successfully made it through two years of academic rigor and movies on laptops to land up dream jobs in IBM and GE. Way to Jaggu and Ben ki behn.

Advance Birthday Wishes to RK Dada.


Anonymous said...

I'm not into books as much as I'm into u_no_vot. Felt very bad bad for this orphaned post so here's atleast one comment to make you feel better.

After much deliberation the jury has come to a verdit. Its like this. Krishs stories are enchanting to read simply becauz he writes like a writer. Yours are different becauz I always kinda feel like I am 'seeing' your story. Words seem to take a backseat and emotions come to the forefront. I know this is not coming across as I wanted to, but to put it succintly, his stories are words in pages whilst yours are more like scenes in a video.


Jupe said...

....So ? Who ?

L&M said...

Though its an academic question, and I know this is going to hurt, I'd (& any sane gal) still marry him over you. Cummon, the guy knows to buy vegetables ;)

This new thingy in Blogger where I can choose an identify is sooper :)

Jupe said...

:-( TSTS

Btw, have i ever told u that u have such bad taste...Neway as a tribute, the next story is dedicated to you :-p

Man with no Name said...

tsk..tsk.. catcher in the rye.. word doc.. with me.. beats all Ur classics hands down ;)