Monday, February 14, 2005

The world's chweetest kid !!!

I am Invitee no: 1 on her next Birthday list. Vice versa too. In fact, she can't wait till March - she wants to celebrate it now ! She's even promised me a BIG present provided I waited to cut the cake till she arrived. Ours is a mutual admiration society. There she is flaunting her middle name to glory !! My absolutely adorable, infinitely chweet, bubbly princess of a cousin Manasvini !!!



...and you know the best part, she calls me Anna and not Mama.. How I love that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps: :-( I wanna adopt a kid :-((


Anonymous said...

Main hoon na - 'absolutely adorable, infinitely chweet'


Jupe said...

I hope you also realise that I am a pauper and adoption does not mean you inherit pots of gold :-)