Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The ------ has two faces

He: What's wrong with you ?
Me: Nothing.. I am fine..Haven't been better !!
He: I don't think so...I've been getting a lot of complaints.
Me: Complaints ? From who ? Like ?
He: The usual. You haven't called people for ages
Me: I lost my charger for a week and the phone conked off
He: That's a lie
Me: The Airtel network is always crowded
He: You know that's not true
Me: Forget making calls
He: What about receiving then ? Didn't you yelp when the phone rang on Sunday evening when we were watching TV ?
Me: Pranav's call ? Hey, we spoke for 21 minutes...
He: But your first reaction before you saw it was him was "Why do ppl call me?"
Me: Hmm
He: I think you are becoming anti-social
Me: No..Definitely not. I am so extroverted its just not possible
He: Is it ? So who have you been having lunch with at office ?
Me: Errr..
He: Tell Tell
Me: well, the buggers are all away in Japan for the roadshow...
He: But that was only since last Thursday...
Me...and Tom is now not here....:-(
He: There is still Swamy and gang...
Me: But they eat at 1:45
He: and you ?
Me: 1:40 is the latest...after that you don't get all the items in the menu...
He: Bullshit....Then why not with Sat and Mandy ?
Me: Who wants to walk till T8 ?
He: Seeee...
Me: You are reading too much into this..
He: How many unanswered mails do you have in your inbox ?
Me: Not many
He: Give me a number
Me: gulpppp...76
He: ..and how many are official in this ?
Me: 3
He: Forget that... when did u last play TT ?
Me: well..Sumit's been out of station..
He: So did you call and check if he is back..
Me: But I told you nuh.. Airtel is not working
He: Did you respond to his Happy Holi sms ?
Me: No
He: Have you thanked everyone who wished you on your Birthday ?
Me: Yesssssssss
He: Sure ?
Me: Not all..there are still a couple of mails.. PC, Anjali...
He: Why not ?
Me: Chuck nuh...All this does not make me anti-social
He: Okie, have you visited Di's parents ?
Me: They are not back from Delhi
He: They have... remember they called when we were at Meet The Fockers..
Me: Yeahhhhh.. I forgot..
He: The truth is you are too lazy to go to their place..right ?
Me: Come on man.. Hebbal is almost as far as.... say... Ohio...
He: why is it that u won't start the conversation on YM whenever ur pals get online..
Me: I do that...
He: Think...Ohio...
Me: Hmmmm...
He: Why do they always have to say Hiii first...
Me: You've been reading too much of this psychometry stuff
He: I am just concerned about you...
Me: Yeahhhhhhhh

...and then the phone rings... Damnnnnn...why can't I have my bloody privacy ? Its a landline number...Must be yet another of my batchmates.wanting to organise get-togethers :-( I don't think I will pick the call...I quickly dry my hands, set my slightly tousled hair back in place, smile at the face staring at me from the mirror.

Of course I am fine. Haven't been better :-)

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Man with no Name said...

Yo Mamma!

If all that is true, well, go wash Ur li'l bro.. U've just attained puberty ;)

And.. time to get married too.. ;)