Thursday, March 03, 2005

Nuvvosthanante Nenondhantana

Cast of characters:

The ladkiwaale
Trisha aka Siri
Age: 18 :-)))))))))))))))))))))))
Occupation: Student ??
Address: a beautiful village in Andhra
Identity: Orphan

Srihari aka Sivaramakrishnan
Age: GOK
Occupation: Farmer
Address: the same beautiful village in Andhra
Identity: Siri's brother / father / friend all rolled into one

The ladkewaale
Sidharth aka... Ooops....I forgot.. but who cares...Gautam?
Age: 21
Occupation: Student ??
Address: London
Identity: mad lover boy

Prakash Raj playing... Gautam's (??) father
Age: 45
Occupation: Business Magnate
Identity: Sid's friend, philosopher and father

Geeta playing...Gautam's (??) mother
Age: 40
Occupation: domineering housewife
Identity: Social snob

The other important characters
Sid's cousin Veda who happens to be Trisha's best pal and a wooden toy horse.

The plot:
Veda is getting married. Sid and Trisha meet and in the process fall in love. However Sid's mom wants him to marry a gold digger's vampish daughter. Sid's mom insults Trisha and her brother. Sid goes to the village to convince the brother and win his love back. In the process he becomes a farmer who can cultivate a field and even grow one bag of rice extra as compared to his girl's brother. Evil loses Good wins. Alls well that ends well.

The formula:
Maine Pyar Kiya - 33%
Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya - 57 %
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam - 8 %
Rest of K/B/Tollywood - 2 %
Originality - now what is that ?????

What rocks:
Sid in the first half...Veda and her Sania Mirza glasses in every scene she appears in (drooool)....The Camerawork....MS Raju's racy screenplay...The songs ;-)

The verdict:
Rockinnnnnnn' !!


yeah.. it had to come, right ?

I am tired of these kinda movies simply because every time its the hero who has to prove his love for the gal and do all sorts of mad things. Here is how I wud have made the movie had I been the director.

First half:
Veda is about to tie the knot but since her horoscope says that her marriage will last only if its occurs in a village with population < 500, the scene shifts to the beautiful hamlet where Trisha lives. Sid is a geek, a computer genius, whose father runs a successful software company in London. They arrive in the village for the wedding and one thing leads to another and boisterous and brave Trisha manages to get Sid to fall in love with her. However Sid's parents are against the union as they want Sid to marry Carly Fiorina's stepdaughter. Sid's dad insults Trisha's brother saying he has raised his sis like a frog in the well and throws the gauntlet that Trisha can become his daughter in law only if she can prove herself adept at writing efficient C code, the condition being she has to become a better programmer than Sid himself.


Pls note: There were 4 songs in the first half - one in Bulgaria, one in Cuba, one in pouring rain in the hamlet and one in a space shuttle to Venus. There were also a couple of lewd jokes and a martial arts fight scene where Trisha beats the pulp out of eve-teasers in her village a la Kill Bill style.

Second half:
Trisha reaches London and settles down with a lot of trouble to the fast paced metropolitan life style. She starts by reading C Programming Language by Kernighan and Ritchie and slowly grasps the fundamentals. Seeing her earnest attempts to succeed in love, Sid's heart melts and he longs to help but his promise to his parents to not interfere prevents him from doing so. Instead he gives her company during the night outs and offers her moral support by replenishing her with an endless supply of Diet Coke and pepperonni pizza and playing Eminem songs to wake her up whenever she dozes off. Slowly but surely, Trisha makes progress till she comes to Pointers. And then she gets stuck. She desperately needs an 'Indian author' book. She calls up her brother who after enquiring with a lot of people suggests a book by Yeshwant Kanetkar. Trisha tries to buy this book but to her dismay finds that it is stocked out at every bookstore in London thanks to Sid's ex who has bought every copy. Finally she manages to procure one at a second hand bookstore owned by a expat Tamilian, Prabhu Deva and after reading this book, all concepts become crystal clear. Suddenly there is a crisis in Sid's dad's company. A top secret FPP project for Scotland Yard is behind schedule. There are too many bugs in the code. Sid tries to debug but his mind is not on his job. Trisha steps in and voila, the project is back in shape. Sid's Dad is very impressed and he immedietly agrees to the wedding. Alls well that ends well ? No..wait. On the day of the wedding, Trisha faints. It is then revealed that she is suffering from brain cancer. Sid's parents cancel the wedding but Sid stands up for his love and ties the knot. The movie ends with Trisha being wheeled in her for her first session of radiation treatment. Love conquers all.

Pls note: There will be 4 songs in the second half - one in Uzbekistan, one in Senegal, one in a library full of C and C++ books and one bit song in the hospital in the hospital.

...and the best part is, the title makes sense for my story too :-)

Coming soon to a theatre near you !!

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Man with no Name said...

OMG! They are still selling Yashwant Kanetkar's C book? I thought I burned them all after losing out on the Infy test.. but wait.. If I was lucky then, then I wud have been spamming mail servers across the globe with 4 blocker pictures and funny sounding words like benches below it.. all well that ends well..

I think I would name that flick also nuvosthane naan-nonduthaanae..