Sunday, April 24, 2005

A prospective son-in-law is born....

..and though his silly parents refused to take my suggestion for a name, I think I'll still call him Ishayu...or simply Ish :-) The little imp could not have chosen a worse time to announce his arrival in this world simply because I am working again this weekend and that means I won't be able to make the really long trip to check out if he is handsome enough to enter my family...Looks like my daughter is really spoilt for choice - Jaden Gil, Shashank (thats what his parents have named on earth will they shorten this name ?) or the soon-to-be-born Bhavya (FF, start preparing for the dowry)...The gene pool is very important, you see...I can already envisage the swayamvar....

Quote Unquote:

Women are such big ?s - they seem nice enough when you first get to meet them, become a little imcomprehensible when you are friends, then morph into impossible-to-handle girlfriends, transgressing into annoying wives and finally to crazy mothers.

The provocation:

The first-time mother refused to let her husband take snaps on his camera mobile coz the radiations would affect her son... LOLLLLLLLLLL....And even after a digicam was hurriedly arranged, the snaps taken have been marked as "Not for Public Consumption" ...Kannu patrum, she says...She's completely lost her marbles !!

My day is made :-))))))))))))))))))