Friday, May 06, 2005

Ever felt like... is one of those days when nothing around you seems to be wrong and everybody is minding his/her own business and the world actually seems to not care that you exist and this is exactly how you want it to be, so that you can thrive in the solitude but yet....there is something missing... you feel a void... there is this vague feeling that something is lacking that prevents it from being perfect.... and then you realise that maybe this is not how things should be and then comes the sinking feeling that you are not in total control, for if you were, then you would change it to suit your whims....and all this while, you so dearly want to pen all these ramdom thoughts down somewhere but fear the consequences... what if people think you are 'mad'.....what if you are alone in this crazy game..

No ? Never felt this way ? Damn.. I guess you are just lucky...Thankfully I've jes come across another equally, if not more, quirky person in maami who offers me hope and consolation that being non-conformist might not be that bad after all. Thanks maami and a big wooohooo to this online world :-)

You might shut your journal some day so I am reproducing here, without your consent, words that just reinforced my faith in the fraility of humanity


Sell Fish. Buy Crab. Eat neither.

When I die, I tell
him. Please forget me.


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maami said...

Felt like. Yes
I put it down for posterity. I didn't realize that it would actually make sense to anyone else. But since it did. I decided to be a bit more bold about it.