Sunday, May 08, 2005

Quik Quik Post

3 posts in 3 days and I have a long movie review also lined up for tomorrow.....Wowww, looks like I am really building up momentum towards the last few kms of my marathon...Neway, before I forget

Congratulations to Amma, my 'first friend' at SP, for getting married on Wednesday...Wishing her a long and happy married life :-)

Best wishes also to SM on getting engaged to Kruthika manni on Wednesday...Yet another one bites the dust amongst the gojas. *sigh*

Belated Birthday wishes to KS. Hope you had a rollicking day at one of those numerous you-know-wot in Sydney ;-)

Best of luck to 'the parachute' for her trips in and around Mumbai. Who cares if the scope of your project & even your guide has changed - just forget ur summers and freak out...Fun a lot, fikar not ;-)And yes, when you go to Pune get me Shrewsbury biscuits :-)

....and now its time for me to tie some loose ends up....

In case you peepul did not notice, Sidin is writing again and I found yet another cool blog belonging to, of course it had to be, an intelligent Mellu (thanks to Venks who led me to Anu who led me there)

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Anu said...

That was tad fast .. I am yet to install a signalling system to curb the traffic and the chaos.

To those who wanna make a change in the way children learn in NEW INDIA .. do make a trip to