Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A quick story :-)

Circa 2001
I stand in the queue watching a pretty girl, just ahead of me, struggle to handle the huge pile of books thrust onto her from across the window. Chivalrous me offers to help her carry the stuff till the hostel only to be rudely cut off in mid-sentence. The next day she apologises and blames her grouchiness on PMS. My poor Tam Brahm soul cringes with embarassment.

Circa 2005
A mutual friend is getting married and we are hunting for an appropriate gift when I have yet another of my brainwaves. The guy is 29 and a virgin, so what better gift than an illustrated version of the Kamasutra is my argument. She cringes with embarassment.

How life has come full circle !


Man with no Name said...

3 posts already buddy? Time to change company I think ;)

Jupe said...

Illai maams....They are there for a reason ;-)

J said...

tsk tsk tsk

*cringes in embarassment*

Anonymous said...

Chinni Jayanth is hilarious but when I want to listen to Rajni, I want to listen to the original. Likewise your story. Let Ammani be Ammani - Jupe should be Jupe. Does not mean the story was bad ? No, in fact it was good.