Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Considering the anticipation and hype around a Karthi film these days, Saguni had so much going for it prior to its release that it would have taken an almost herculean effort by a director to screw it up....and my, my, Shankar Dayal almost achieves the impossible.

When I first saw Nerukku Ner, I dismissed Surya as another star-son who would vanish before I could finish saying Abracadabra. My mother predicted that a star was born - and till this day, she reminds me of how wrong I was.

However when Karthi made his debut in Paruthiveeran, I had no douts that I was watching a super-star. While I've been none too happy with his choice of movies since then be it Payya (the most pointless, non-happening road-movie made), Naan Mahaan Alla (cliched 80s masala fare) or even  Siruthai (utterly regressive, vulgar and nauseating), I'll be the first to admit that Karthi was the ONLY saving grace in all these rubbish movies.

Having said that, Saguni feels like one of those train journeys where it all starts pleasantly with a nice & light breakfast, happy newspaper reading, some eye candy as your companion in the next seat but you soon know that s&@t is going to hit the roof. In the 2nd half, the movie hurtles like a runaway train with a dead engine driver and its just a matter of time before it derails and you wake up with a nasty gash on your face and a horrible migraine.

What works
  • The new lean & mean Kamal who can actually dance
  • A very engaging first half with a refreshing narrative style
  • One of the cameos and an extended guest appearance, both by 2 charming ladies :-)
  • ....but most importantly, the brilliant chemistry between Kamal and Rajini
What doesn't work
  • Sridevi :-(  She's tall, leggy, has lovely droopy eyes but is saddled with a thankless, ridiculously under-written role where she has a total screen timing of less than 15 mts (incl. 2 songs)
  • The supporting characters are mere caricatures and it was paycheck acting at its best/worst by Perumal, Bhupathi and Ramani aachi
  • The ludicrousness of the plot in the 2nd half
  • GV Prakash's music except Manasellam (Sonu's back!!)
Point to ponder
Before a film is released, do the crew sit together and view their final product? Should they try to involve focus groups and get feedback?

Verdict: 2.5/5
Watch the 1st half and then run for life (or)
Give the movie a skip and watch all the funny moments in Aditya or Sirippoli in 6 months time

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