Saturday, June 23, 2012

The weekend is here

Working on a Saturday is borrrring and more so if its on something as mundane as a psychomteric test which predicts the competencies and skills of your sales team. Blah !!

Still, looking fwd to the evening and rest of the weekend.

As expected, the reviews of Brave haven't been great on both Metacritic and RT. Stunning visuals notwithstanding looks like Brave lacks the heart and soul of a typical Pixar film - say Toy Story, Nemo, Ratatouille or even Up. Though Cars 2 also suffered the same criticism, I quite liked it so will most probably be watching Brave tomorrow morning.

Teri Meri Kahaani  - well, was never planning to see this one but then after hearing about the bags of money being spent by the production house to get favorable reviews, has to be an absolute NO-NO... Rediff's original review was titled TMK offers nothing new and within 15 mts, it was changed to TMK is charming :-) Honestly, how on earth is PC a star - I find her downright annoying and nauseous.. She reserves her worst for her joint appearances with Shahid Kapoor and this week's episode of The Front Row had her in top form.

Gangs - reviews have been mixed. Hearing that AK has got the characters, milleu, performances right but the movie loses pace in the 2nd half and there are way too many characters. Haven't seen too much written about the background score by our very own GV Prakash (didn't know that right??)

Saguni - yes, the reviews again are mixed but with the OH being a super fan of Karthi, this will be our Tuesday/Wednesday night outing. Santhanam better be in form or its gonna be a reallllllly long night :-(

So, Die Mannschaft are through to the semis and this despite resting their entire front 3... Master-stroke or just plan luck for Mr. Low? Highlights of the game are here including Reus' gorgeous finish... Wooooooooof.... Heja BVB !!

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No Display Name said...

yeah yeah yeah.. I've jacked off from everything between Tamanna and Nicki Minaj (and couldn't touch the comp again for like 2 weeks after that but..) but, PC is the only one that will stop me midway and ask, is this really worth it?!