Saturday, September 22, 2012

World of Sports - The 2 months gone by

I wrote this post twice and lost both the files. Call it bad luck or fate but the whole world seems to conspire every time I am in gyaan baatofying mood.


Wimbledon 2012 came and went and is already forgotten in my memory. No one can fault me as the winners were Roger “Yawwwn” Federer and Serena “Ufff” Williams.

This was followed by a memorable London Olympics 2012 where the greatest disappointment was the record tally of medals that Team GB amassed.  Some random observations:

·         Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony sucked. BIG TIME.  There, I said it.
·         Surely cycling has to be the most boring sport in the current roster of Olympic events. Makes Indy car racing (without the mass pile up of cars) look exciting.
·         We will never see Micheal Phelps again :-( A phenomenon and easily the GOOAT for me (for the uninitiated, that’s Greatest Olympian Of All Time)
·         I am very proud of Mary Kom and her achievements and wish her well in life but seriously, women's boxing is a pathetic event. At one point, I even thought it was a non-contact sport.
·         Surprisingly, Brazil chose to send actual sportspeople instead of sexy women for their beach volleyball team. BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.
·         Usain Bolt is Salman Khan in a track field. S-U-P-E-R-S-T-A-R.

US Open – so finally whiny Andy and that idiot Lendl win. Who cares? I’d personally liked Berdych to win but after 4 hrs and 58 mts on a Monday, it didn't feel bad to see Andy Murray winning the final considering the alternate ending would have seen the Other Half go bonkers for a week J

Cricket – I couldn’t be bothered to type anything worthy here but I just don’t understand the massive hype around Yuvraj Singh returning back to the Indian team. Yes, he fought a courageous battle and won it but so do millions of other cancer survivors everyday and very few get as many column inches as the southpaw. I’d much rather his cricketing skills did all the talking, starting from Sri Lanka and T20 WC.

I tip the Gayle storm to win it for the Islanders.

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