Sunday, December 09, 2012

Crazy times

Work has been very hectic off late and when I am not putting in a shift to earn my dough, I spend hours (and sometimes even days) obsessing with the latest love of my life, the iPad3. Of course, other geeks have already traded this old version for the mini or the 4 but for me, I've just found myself a soulmate for life... or atleast till Apple supports it or I get lucky with a lottery to afford the next one.

Despite owning (ok, its not exactly mine but I gifted it to the OH so in a way its mine) an Ipod for 6 yrs, i still can't figure out how to automatically sync stuff from PC to the device and nothing's changed with the iPad. I still don't get 90% of the iPad's functionality and Siri just can't get my bloody South Indian accent right. The games I've downloaded (obviously only the free ones) are boring and listening to podcasts was so much cooler with the iPod.

The Retina display has been awesome for only 1 thing - reading books - and that I've been doing a lot of. So who's in my e-library? Grisham, Edgar Alan Poe, Lee Child, Tom Clancy, Chuck Palhniuk, Sylvia Day (heck, not embarassed at all) and Mathew Quick. The last one is a gem and we'll talk about it in a separate post.

For now, I am off to watching the Manchester Derby. The perfect result for me would be a City win with Tevez scoring a hat-trick and Rafael scoring a consolation goal. Takes care of Fantasy Football.

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