Friday, December 14, 2012

What do I blog about and why?

This is in response to an old friend/fan of this blog asking me this particular Q.

What I definitely don't blog about are serious takes on issues that could actually make a difference in this world.  Coz I am neither erudite nor profound and I like to keep things simple.

Like, for example, I would rather NOT discuss

  • Politics: Will NaMo be as good for India as he was/is for Gujarat?
  • Economic policy: Will FDI in Retail create new jobs or kill existing ones?
  • Literature: Does Girish Karnad make a valid point in his criticism of VS Naipaul?
  • Journalism: What will Arnab Goswami's epitaph read as? He came, he saw, he shouted?
  • Arts: Which is the more popular event - Woodstock or Thygaraja music festival at Thiruvaiyaaru?
  • Business: Why is Apple's stock price falling?
  • Social Commentary: Should anyone at all be held responsible for Jacintha Saldanha's death?
  • Current affairs: Bhagat Singh Chowk in Lahore. Who cares?
  • Fashion: Who is the personal stylist of Hina Rabbani Khar? Or closer home, Aaradhya Bachchan.
What I do love doing is ranting and raving about

  • Music: Why ARR rocks, Ilayaraja rocked but Harris/Yuvan will always suck?
  • Movies: When will the world see Gautam Vasudev Menon and Rohit Shetty for what they really are? Talentless, overrated zeros.
  • Sports: Why it hurts to see Arsenal implode again and why India could do with a 38 yr old VVS Laxman more than a 39 yr old Tendulkar
  • Television: What makes Aaron Sorkin one of the most compelling screen-writers to follow?
  • Books (as opposed to Literature): What people see in the 50 Shades series?
  • Philosophy: Cur Hic Statis? (The English translation will make me the butt of many jokes so will refrain)
  • Bloggers: Baradwaj Rangan over-analysing a stupid scene, Kiruba getting thrown out of TED :-)
  • Just about anything inconsequential....
Why these choices? JLT !!!

Hope this helps.

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