Thursday, January 17, 2013

Aaron Sorkin is God, G-O-D

My first encounter with god was when I was flipping through channels and chanced to settle down for 10 mts with The American President. Rom-com is my favotire movie genre by a mile and when a film headlines with A-listers like Michael Douglas, Annette Bening and Martin Sheen, I had to give it a shot. 10 mts became 30 and soon I was watching it till the end credits. Great, feel-good escapist fare. On googling for Aaron Sorkin, the writer of the film, I landed at his filmography which included A Few Good Men (wow, that climax courtroom scene still gives me goosebumps...who knew Tom Cruise could rock so much) & Charlie Wilson's war (which I enjoyed despite its many faults). A hero was born. Then came the long wait for The Social Network which had Sorkin at his brilliant best and the equally acclaimed Moneyball.

I've had my flirtations with various popular sit-coms like F.R.I.E.D.S, Coupling, The Big Bang theory, How I Met Your Mother, Everybody loves Raymond, Frasier and thoroughly enjoyed other classics like Yes Minister, Band of Brothers etc but nothing has kept me as hooked / enthralled /captivated as much as The West Wing. Politics, Human drama, wit, conspiracy - you name it and it has it all. Most importantly, it is brilliant intellectual fodder and the dialogues are freaking unbelievable. I'd challenge anyone to start watching 5-6 episodes of The West Wing and resist the urge to watch the rest of the 7 seasons (156 in all) over the next 10 days.

Once you discover Sorkin, you just can't have enough of him... and so, I went back and dug up info on his other works and managed to get a DVD of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford. OMIGAWD. Amanda Peet (ooooooooooooooh)

Now, I'm on a mission to find DVDs of Sports Night and the new series The Newsroom.


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