Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oscar musings

Haven't had time on my hands for a while now - since today seems to be a relatively quiet day, decided to finally get down to some serious blogging.

Its the Oscar season again and the nominations are out. As usual, was checking to see how many of these movies I've watched already and the figures are disappointing. Of the 9 best film nominations, I've seen only Argo, Silver linings playbook (more on it later) and Life of Pi. Of course others like Lincoln, Les Miserables and Django Unchained are waiting in the Q for this weekend and hopefully by mid next week, I will have a fair idea of what to expect come awards night.

On the desi front, its been quite a bleak few months on the Hindi front. Post Talaash which I reckon was a solid effort, Matru has been the only film I've seen at the hall and have to admit, really enjoyed it. Arya Babbar was a scream, Pankaj Kapur was brilliant as usual and all Anushka Sharma needs to do is turn up on screen (drooooooooool). Table no: 21 is lined up for weekend viewing and I might consider Inkaar too depending on the reviews.

On the Tamil front, things are awesome. Alex Pandian will most probably tank big time and Karthi will finally wake up. KLTA looks like becoming a super hit and will spawn off sequels - Yo to Santhanam and I can't wait for Feb 1 and Kadal.  After the delicious Pizza and rib tickling NKPK, looks like Tamil audiences are finally warming up to the right kind of films.

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