Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Airtel Super Singer

Parents are in town and so life in the evenings has changed dramatically. From watching ESPN, Star sports, Star cricket and Star world, I find myself increasingly staring at Vijay TV and listening to young kids/adults trying hard to become the next Airtel super singer.

While I am no fan of reality contests and the million wannabes who want to make it big through these stupid programs, one does get to meet once-in-a-while a real talent. However, what I do find disconcerting is the fact that success in this show seems to immediately take them to the next stratosphere... While Pooja, Sathyaprakash, Sai Charan, Santhosh are good finds, they are nowhere near the finished product or even look like becoming genuine superstars like an SPB or a Chitra. Instead of working their PR engines overtime, I would very much love if they put in a few years of slog, worked their way up the ladder before becoming real stars. More shocking is the news I heard that Super singer junior 3 winner Aajeedh is already singing at school/college fests in Trichy. So sad !!!

Btw, I have seen these music programs for ages and the 2 out-of-the-world singers who have captured my imagination were Sunidhi Chauhan from Meri Awaz Suno days and Alka Ajith.

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