Friday, March 22, 2013

New age Tamil patriots and their politics

Attacking a Buddhist monk who has come on an educational/spiritual visit, boycotting Sri Lankan players with plans to disrupt IPL matches featuring them, attacking the Aurobindo Ashram just because another maverick in Bengal made a supposedly inflammatory comment disparaging Tamil Eelam sentiments – I can’t seem to recognize the new Tamil Nadu any more.

The State is fast getting radicalized – common sense politics has all but vanished and fringe elements have now come to occupy the center-stage. Students are now on the roads agitating for their brethren across the Palk Strait but considering these are all Art, Science and Law students, I am assuming college has become boring and they would like nothing more than to pick some loser-of-a-cause and get themselves on national media. The unemployed youth are angry – at anything and everything – and radical political outfits are using them smartly as vote banks to dictate their own divisive agenda and priorities.

Unless things have dramatically changed in the last 2 years, did the DMK not lose power in the state despite raking up the Tamil cause just before the last assembly elections? Can’t people see that a politician with a promising future like Vai Ko has been reduced to a rabble rousing, rhetoric spouting non entity?  Don’t people in the state care about the rising living costs, the lack of power – are they more concerned about the Sinhala government supposedly oppressing Tamils in far-away Kandy?  When we should be focusing on getting our act together in our home-ground, why do we care about the problems across the divide?

Madness, I say.

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Kayyessee said...

kandy is nearer than Delhi. So!