Monday, October 14, 2013

Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam:: How to be Happy-go-lucky (till the cookie crumbles)

OK, it’s time to confess.

I was not a big fan of Siva Karthikeyan (SK) even from his Vijay TV days but when someone from your town, and your school, makes it B-I-G in Kollywood, you just shove your biases/opinions aside and join in line to fete the underdog’s success.  Yes, he’s from Campion and he’s a CHAMPION, I say.  Proud of you Siva. Enjoy your dream run (while it lasts), my friend.

He was good in Marina and no one can deny that what saved 3 from a colossal disaster was the light, first half where Siva was a joy to watch as he teamed up with Dhanush. There are some things in life where MORE is good - like an Edberg backhand volley, a Ganguly cover drive or even a Tirupati Laddoo  - but Siva Karthikeyan playing boy next door yet again is NOT one of them….. but still our Kollywood producers seems to know what’s best and therefore, we’ve had to endure Manam Kothi Paravai, Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga and Ethir Neechal.

Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam is the next product from SK’s assembly line. The film boasts of a story line that will struggle to utilize all of Twitter’s 140 characters and is replete with inane, mind-numbing one liner funnies delivered with annoying sincerity by SK and Parotta Suri.  Satyaraj is yet again wasted in a paycheck role and director Ponram, who credits his mentor Rajesh for teaching him the craft of making movies, shows us why bad teachers can be dangerous for the world. 

On the positives, it was nice to hear nasal Hariharasudhan sing this, the heroine Sri Divya has a pretty / expressive face and there is a nice director’s touch of using Bindhu Madhavi,  a regular in these B centre comedies (*groan*), in a cameo role to remind viewers exactly of what kind of movie this is. Besides that, there are absolutely no other redeeming factors but still……

Recommendation:  Must watch in theatres or by buying an original DVD (SK is married and has a family to support and if this current run continues, he will soon be jobless so needs to make as much hay while the sun shines)

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