Thursday, January 16, 2014

William, Sherlock, Scott, Holmes

The wait was intolerable so I did what I had resisted all along. Got the episode from the net and watched it in one sitting from 1130pm yesterday night... and I must admit, I had mixed feelings at the end.

Yet another season is over and Gatiss/Moffat are notoriously lazy so the wait for S4 is bound to be another torturous one. Coming to The Last Vow itself, the first hour was brilliant but the conclusion left me a tad disappointed....and the post credits shock/surprise did not really get me all revved up too. Mary's character arc moved exactly in the direction I guessed it would, Mycroft was brilliant as usual & Molly became a little more interesting. Benedict Cumberbatch continued to scale dizzying heights & I am now seriously tempted to check out some of his movies (his choice of roles are ALL in genres I absolutely loathe - 12 Years a slave / August: Osage County - boring Oscar drama, The Hobbit - Fantasy, Star Trek - Sci-fi, The Fifth estate - biopic) but the most magical thing about the episode was this pearly gem (slight spoiler alert) "“The problems of your past are your business. The problems of your future are my privilege”

So, how was Season 3 overall, you ask !!! There has been a lot of negative reaction to the first 2 episodes but this is how I look at it.

The Last Vow was like the last 2-3 overs of a T20 chase with all its thrills and chills, The Sign of Three was like the 1st innings and early + mid part of the 2nd innings of the match with all the patient build-up and setting up of the launchpad while the The Empty Hearse was like the precursor to the match with all the cheer girls and dancing and general fun.

When you buy a ticket for the match, you've got to go through all 3 stages to experience the whole entertainment package.

PS: The title of this blog post is another LOL moment in the episode. Sparkling dialogues, I say.

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