Saturday, February 08, 2014

Summer clearout at the Emirates

John W Henry was right... what are they smoking at the Emirates?

Piers Morgan is damn right... How on earth can we give Wenger ANOTHER contract extension? What has he done to deserve it?  What are his KRAs?

Anyway, this is EXACTLY what we need to do this summer

·         Get Rosicky and Sagna to extend their contracts - promise them WENGER will be OUT. 

·         Cover for Right back Sagna – Jenkinson is just not got enough. Budget options like Martin Montoya (who will anyway sign on at Barca) are not the solution. Get bloody Toby Alderweireld who is languishing in the bench at Atletico Madrid (though we could have got him for far cheaper last summer) – he can also play centre back or pay good money and get Seamus Coleman.
·         Defensive midfielder – pay a huge signing on fee and get Blaise Matuidi N-O-W....or get Marouane Fellaini - he can do what he used to do at Everton effectively for us (forget what that clown Moyes is trying to do with him at United)
·         Creative / Attacking midfielder – Clement Grenier would come cheap but if you need a winning mentality, go for Toni Kroos, Ilkay Gundogan or Lucas Moura
·         A 15 goals a season striker – Balotelli wouldn’t be bad but we should also consider Mario Mandzukic or Edin Dzeko
·         Second support striker –– we need 4 strikers for a campaign and since we’ll be letting Bendtner go, we should look at the experienced Lavezzi from PSG or make a play for Javier Hernandez both of whom will offer something different.

·         Arsene Wenger – persuade Joachim Low to break his contract with Germany or get Antonio Conte
·         Mikel Arteta – he was a quick fix signing but he has only 1 year left at the end of this season. He is slow, ponderous and cannot play DMF.
·         Abou Diaby – surely with his injury record, there is some way we can legally terminate his contract. He’s just been sitting and eating our money.
·         Johan Djourou – buy his last year of contract and release him
·         Ryo Miyaiichi – selling shirts in Japan is not enough, he is not good enough to play for Arsenal or even any team in the Premier League
·         Park Chu Young – I will pay for his contract termination, just get him out to anywhere

·         Bendtner – enough is enough.

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