Friday, August 19, 2016

Forever young

At work, we have this G-100 program where we hire 100 students every year from some of the worlds best B-schools. As part of their induction, they travel to India and get to know about the company and also meet India based teams. I usually enjoy interacting with these guys as it makes me go back in time to think of where I was 13 years back and how such interactions helped me connect to some great leaders and gradually build my network within the company.

Last week was fun as I met with this year's batch and spent a good 20-25 mts with them formally. This was then followed by a more personal and informal 1-on-1 interaction where I formed a quick friendship with a really smart, young American newbie. We had the most interesting 45 mt chat that I have had in the last year and needless to say (ok have to boast now), looks like I made a very very favorable impression on him. He went back and wrote saying he was extremely impressed by how someone like him could related so much to someone as "old" as me. I am just going to take that as a compliment :)

So what did we talk about
  • Politics/Business: Why Icahn backs Trump
  • Sports: US College tennis and Tom Fawcett's chances of becoming the next John Isner or Steve Johnson
  • Entertainment: Why Marvel trumps DC any day
  • All things hip: slang like IAmA, Netflix and Chill, Catfish (In the context of my id card), IIRC
Areas where I could not hold my own
  • Obama's playlist, Brexit (Hmmm), GoT (Is there anyone who does not want to talk about this?)
The only flip side to all this was a FB request that I have to turn down now :P

PS: When I delete a FB Friend request, does it notify the other person? 

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