Monday, August 08, 2016

Jose Mourinho and his ego (or) How Man Utd have sold their soul in their quest for success? - PART 1

So Jose wants Schweinsteiger out. Why? There are many reasons being bandied about and the one that Jose would like the world to believe most is that Schweini doesnt fit the new style that Jose has come up for Man Utd. Bollocks.

Schweini has played at the highest level for club and country and can fit into any system and style of play. The simple answer is: Jose's massive ego. Jose demands absolute dedication and adherence to his methods and he typically likes to operate with players who will NEVER EVER question him. Schweini is a serial winner (and in my opinion achieved more than Jose) and an intelligent footballer. Jose can put up with 1 prima donna Ibra but too many strong personalities in the dressing room are not his style. By relegating Schweini to the reserves, Jose has made a calculated attack on Schweini's pride hoping that he will  take the affront personally and leave....and I just think it might work, more so if PSG come calling, as life in Paris (despite the bomb blasts) with Ana Ivanovic must surely be better than working in dreary Manchester with nasty Jose. In all this drama, Man Utd have just lost a lot of goodwill as KH Rummenigge rightly pointed out.

Schweinsteiger's trophies

  • 8 Bundesliga titles
  • 7 DFB-Pokal cups
  • 2 DFB-Ligapokal cups
  • 2 DFB Super cups
  • 1 Champions League
  • 1 UEFA Supercup
  • 1 FIFA Club World Cup
  • 1 FIFA World Cup 
  • (2 3rd places at WC and 1 runner up in Euros)

Jose Mourinho's trophies

  • 8 league titles (2 in Portugal, 3 in UK, 1 in Spain, 2 in Italy)
  • 10 Cup titles (2 in Portugal, 4 in UK, 2 in Spain, 2 in Italy)
  • 2 Champions League
  • 1 UEFA Cup

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