Monday, May 24, 2004


Ahem!! Doesn’t the sound of this word have a magical ring to it ? Now now, don’t you even think on the lines of rubbishing this.. Coz all I have to say then for ye non believers is "Sod off" !!

Its been a good four years since I quit my first company but I still have fond remembrances of Pune. Last Friday evening I was stuck in one of these nostalgic moods thanks to a phone call from an old colleague of mine. I was due to go for a movie later that night but somehow just didn’t feel like it. Since it was supposed to be a family outing, I could not ditch 'em.. Surprise of all surprises, who would you think was sitting in the row ahead of me at the hall? My best friend from those days :-) Oh boy, was I thrilled !! We ended up gossiping for an hour - catching up on our lives - The poor guy has lost it all - He's married :-)

Cut to March 2001 and I think there was this Lawrence and Mayo free eye camp at my workplace in Chennai..Never one to be even remotely interested in such sessions, I remember being literally dragged down to the basement and forcefully subjected to a test by a pesky colleague of mine...He kept telling me that for all that I knew I might fall for the cute optometrist :-) Que sera sera...It was there, that day, that I met my first serious crush (pardon the oxymoron) and would you believe it if I said that it was the optometrist's assistant :-)

Cut to the present: If there is any complaint that I have about Bangalore then it has to be that I have lots of "distant" relatives who live here. It becomes a real pain considering each and everyone of them want you to drop in at their place once in while (without even the promise of a dinner or a lunch invite) I have been having this eerie feeling for the last two days that something big n bad was gonna happen.. And lo, it happened today morning. My mom informed me that there was this third cousin of mine, Sridhar, who was getting engaged this Saturday and that I was supposed to represent the family. N to think I had grand plans for myself in Chennai :-(

Have you ever felt cornered by fate? Do lemme know - would be a real comfort to know that I aint the only person suffering!


Ekta said...

sooo nice to hear that ur spending weekends entertaining your relatives while I enjoy the esctasy of outdoor..almost feeling bad for u..hah!:-))

p.s:- You having a crush again???...!!!
Can see some things just doonttt change!:-)

Ekta said...
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Jupe said...

I wasn complainin' of stayin' indoors - neway since u've bin rubbin' it in i'm not gonna share the chocs i got from my pal in Belgium - they r so yummmyyy !

N who sed Chennai has to be another crush..These days i am so much in love wid meself dat i cant look beyond me :-)