Friday, May 21, 2004

Main aisa kyuun hoon ??

22:12 pm 20/5/2004
Pffft !!

Just as Wendy is getting cosy with Chandler on my favorite sitcom Friends, suddenly i find myself staring at a blank screen..Unable to understand whats happening i fiddle around hopelessly with the remote - without any success - i peep outta my window to check if alls fine with my neighbour's television - it is - she's as usual watching some soap on Sony. Unable to take it nemore, i holler to The Good Lord up above "It just aint fair - why me? Why me?"

Flash!! A brilliant streak of lightning!!

A booming voice thunders "Kya hua? Why the heck are you cribbing, you nasty earthling? Its a tough job i got here and once in a while i do screw up - cant you just ignore it as an aberration?"

I retort "Not this time - i've had too much for this week"

The Voice is annoyed and threatens "I dont get it - u better explain or else..."

Not to be cowed down i sneer "After enduring days of shameless drama i discover that my country has a reluctant and almost reclusive Prime Minister - I realise that my bosses earn "obscene pots of gold" while i am expected to slave on for "pride" - and to add insult to serious injury, you screw up all my weekend plans with a silly wedding (assuming marriages are still made in heaven) - If this isnt reason enough to crib, what is ?"

The Voice ponders "I guess you have a point - how can i compensate ? I grant you three wishes - Name them fast.. Your time starts now..10..9...8.."

"Hold on Hold on - Not so fast - Can i phone a friend?"


"You *@&^%$, ok, here i go...First of all, i want.."

"Sorry, your time's up but since you started your first wish i will let that count - Finish it"
"Want to.. want to.. see Aayitha Ezhuthu (Yuva in Hindi)tomorrow night - can you arrange for 2 tickets please"

"Thathasthu" is the last i hear and lo, i find myself with two passes to Nataraj.

08:07 am 21/5/2004

My friend screams "You crazy git - Havent u seen BRUCE ALMIGHTY? Couldnt you have asked for something bigger?"

(Hanging my head in shame) "Like what?"

"Dunno... but atleast balcony tickets yaar not stall"


Ekta said... what time is the show??....:-)
and yes agree you should have atleast asked for Balcony duffer!!!

Ekta said...
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Anonymous said...

That is hilarious. You are a very funny person... I like your life though what with god granting you (at least 1) wishes and what not.

Anonymous said...

Mr/Ms Anon - Was that a compliment or were u being plain sarcy :-p Yeps, am a funny man but pls yaar nazar math lagao - not everything i ask i get.. Btw, did ur folks give u a name - Its easier responding that way :-)

Anonymous said...

hey jupie!

looks like you are getting all your blog 'material' from me (directly or indrectly). Havent you read my copyright info? :P


whatever said...

The name is Nidhi - am Ekta's friend from work. Apologies for the delay in introductions. I wasnt trying to be mysterious or anything like that, just was in Delhi and hadnt checked your blog in a bit...

Jupe said...

Hi Nidhi,

First of all, owe u one coz its from ur blog that i learnt to give links to other articles in the web and post photos :-)

N yes, i've bin trespassing (my apologies) on ur blog n reading some of ur stuff.. U do have a way with words..Keep penning