Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Seriously speaking..

I cant take it nemore. The pressure is too much. I have been told in no uncertain terms to stop the crappy stuff i blog and to "write ssomething sensible". So pls find below transcripts of one of the most stimulating evenings i have had in the last few months.

Venue: Yet another pub in Bangalore
Time: Sometime in Feb 2004
Principal players: Four long lost bosom buddies - lets call them Alpha, Beti (she was the lone female), Gama and Jupieee
The occasion: Reunion - a year after/(post) graduation

Topic 1:

Beti: How is work yaar?
Alpha: *%^&*( , lets not talk about it (gushes down a mug full of beer in one shot)
My designation says i am a consultant - i have to handle 20 critical requests over email every day, slog 50 hrs a week and i get paid a measly 8 lpa. Why doesnt anyone realise the value of us MBAs ?
Alpha: Oh, u've shifted from Infy to Accenture huh??
Beti: I have a great team, my boss is chilled out, the timings are flexible but i still have to travel far, yaar..Gama, isnt Accenture on Cunningham road.. Any openings?
Gama: Yeah, but your profile wont fit (sneers)
Alpha: Jupieee, u *(&^%, hows u doin' ?
Jupieee: So-So (grunts)

(Jupieee is a man of few words)

Topic 2:

Gama: So when are YOU guys shifting jobs? (in a tone that suggests that neone who hasnt shifted by now is a dunce)
Beti: Netime newhere as long as i get a 40% hike. Cmon dude, the market is booming. Neone has a list of headhunters?
Alpha: @*&^%$...These morons have promised me an on-site opportunity in Germany next month - praying that it materialises.
Gama: I assume they are flying you by Lufthansa and not some cheap airline. And u Jupieee?
Jupieee (mutters): Am undecided. Lets see!

(Jupieee looks a worried man)

Topic 3:

Beti: So any marriage on the cards? Cmon guys, spill the beans!
Alpha: Women..They are so much like domain names: the best ones are already taken..Life is so friggin' unfair man.
Gama: I dont have the time to look out yaar - new job, more pressure - However i have told my folks to look out for a well educated gal preferably from the IIMs - She should be from a respectable family and should be working, preferably in a software firm - so that she can relocate with me, u see. Of course since i am tall, ideally she should be atleast 5'8"
Beti: Whoa !! Thats gonna be tuff !!
Alpha: yaya..What about you Beti ?
Beti: Me, there is a Mr X in my office - he's a CA rank holder - tall, dashing and his father is a steel magnate - he has asked me to marry him twice but i am confused. He's not very funny and gets serious too easily.
Gama: Jupieee, u still going around with that Plane Jane or are you on another of your endless searches for Ms Perfect?
Jupieee: Who - what ? No mate, i am off women !

...n that precisely was when all talk ceased and people got down to the more serious business of eating and drinking.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you the four typical products of B school - the cynics(Alphas), the mercenaries(Betis), the snobs(Gamas) and the confused ones(Jupieees).


Ekta said...

Well i agree --confused one!:-)
But hey..ur off woman..but not off flirting am assuming!..
SO who's the latest one?

Ekta said...
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Ekta said...
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Jupe said...

Is three ur favorite number ? Why do u always post the same comment thrice kiddo ? Do it once and refresh.. aa jaayega..

Pls pls this is a pubic forum - dont cast aspersions on my character - am an honorable guy with a reputation to protect..N u assumed wrong.. I am clean..completely off :-)

Ekta said...
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Ekta said...
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Ekta said...

kya karen..anything to do with u can never go right in the first go!

U completely off???...heheh and yes I was born yesterday!;-)

Venks said...

Who the hell is Ekta ?

Juppiee...Stories, Mega Serials, Blogs , e mails and Girl friends...buddie how do i Land ur Job..!!!

Ne ways..u doin some real awesome writing....wait for the next givin u guys a run for ur money...