Thursday, May 27, 2004

A special day...

Madh Island
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You could love her, you could hate her (not so sure abt this though) but you could never ignore her. You could be forgiven for having first impressions of her as hot headed and impetuous - but I, for one, knew her much better than that. She was honest and loyal - always spoke her mind - enthusiastic and committed in everything she undertook.

When I look back today - those detailed mails about ur temple tours before u reached SP, those long walks in Juhu beach singing old Ilayaraja classics, that heart-to-heart talk we had while waiting for our Rural Marketing Prof to land at Mumbai airport, our last fun trip to Madh Island .. These are memories that I shall treasure forever.

"U r a wonderful pal - simply one of a kind"
Happy Birthday Amma!

ps: Keep smiling as you r in this snap.

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