Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The classic debate

ESPN-Star is still down. I have threatened my cable operator that I will disconnect but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. After all, how does Rs. 200 lesser every month matter to someone who is reportedly serving 800 households. Monopolistic trade practices be damned. I've tried praying also but it doesn't seem to be working. So in the absence of Wimbledon, the next most exciting thing I do is watching movies in my CD player. Monday night, dunno why, I revisited that ageless classic Casablanca... Ahem...The enigmatic Rick Blaine helping the divine Ilsa and her husband Victor Laszlo to escape and then walking into the sunset with the unimaginable ally Louis Renault is one of the most memorable cinematic sequences I have ever seen. After watching it for the umpteenth time, I sat back and thought. (Danger ahead)

It’s been 60 years since then but why hasn't anyone ever bothered to find out what might have happened in the lives of these characters. Positive that there must have been something that happened, I googled and was not at all surprised when it threw up some of the following results.

1. A horrendously stupid movie sequel idea unfortunately called Brazzaville that has to be the product of some retarded bloke.

2. Micheal Walsh's book "As Time Goes By" released by Warner in 1998, sort of a prequel and sequel to Casablanca. It answers a lot of hypothetical questions like

Do Victor and Ilsa make it to America?
Do Rick and Louis join the Free French garrison in Brazzaville?
Why can't Rick return to New York?
Will Rick and Ilsa ever see each other again?

I, for one, have never been bothered to seek out answers for all these questions. However one thought that's always haunted me is "Can Ilsa ever be happy with Victor?" My good friend Girish and I have had a million discussions on this one and other similar situations. While he feels that it’s more important to be loved and contends that Ilsa's memories of Rick will soon fade away, I am of the firm opinion that even it doesn't last long, it’s important to get the person you want - Ilsa would have been much better off with Rick.

Wot's your take on this?


Venks said...

brother u a journalist or soemthing..why shld it always be reviews.....of somehyting...with loadssaa facts..i ve found u write better..but the reviews are tooo factualll...jus....another fragment in time....

Jupe said...

Venks, u r so damn right dude.. But the point is the audience for my blog hardly seem to be interested in my personal stories and private life. They wanna be entertained and informed. And as James Bond says in Tonmorrow Never Dies "The first rule of mass media, Elliot - give the people what they want."

Ekta said...

uv got it all wrong!!
Blogging is about writing what you want to write abt and not what the world wants to read!
Then u might as well become an author and try for the bookers( not that u stand any chance thou;-)

Agree that your life might not be too interesting anywayz...but what the hell..there are some nice souls ard who still might put in a comment or two on it...hehehe:-))

Jupe said...

Hahahaha.. Now the comments section is starting to fill up. Thanks Venki da :-D

Ekky, there is so much u havta learn - The Bookers are those kinda books that look good on one's shelves but no body reads them..Besides ppl tell me i do have that flair, its so insultin' !!!! Wot i really want to do is write like Khushwant Singh :-)

Okie, if i tok abt Emma Watson (drool) or Euro2004 its not becoz i dont have anything else closer to my heart.. Surely even these things r important but wots closer is how gallantly i chased and killed around 10 cockroaches yday nite.. But obv i cant write abt that coz ..well.. you know why... So blogging is like a compromise between wot is readable and wot is writeable :-)

U n nice ???? did i see right ? :-p

Ekta said...

chasing and killing cockroaches is not interesting enugh!!!Which planet are you from???..

I would write an entire thesis if I ever killed even one!!!

well.err..thats coz by the time I manage to do that it would be a lifetime anywayz;-)

Jupe said...

U jes committed hara-kiri. Coz Friday i shall write in detail about that bloody battle. N i shall dedicate it to the lady who inspired me to write..well.. CRAP :-)

Ekta said...

So finally u agreed that u write crap!
once again!..atta boy!
u making me more and more prouder by the day!..
Sigh!( full sobbing happening!)

Jupe said...

Are you stalking me with ur comments by any chance ? As Dhrithrashtra keeps saying in the climax of JAANE BHI DO YAARON "Yeh kya ho raha hai idhar?"

Why dont neone tell me if Ilsa would have been happy with Victor or with Rick ? :-)

Ekta said...

did u notice..venky is the one who started all this and now has safely dissapeared..cldnt handle this crappy conversation anymore!!!

yeah yeah!..we havent lost that touch yet to drive people away !..wat say jupe!;-)

Jupe said...

If ever there was one area where you'd clearly beat me, then it is in this IQ (Insanity Quotient)

I am working on it so ur exalted throne is gonna be under siege soon :-) Till then lage rahenge :-p

Anirudh Garg said... ..
why doesnt one of you just call the other and talk :D ? ..
both you and ekta are having an ongoing conversation in comments on both your blogs !
come on, someone take the initiative..
(me having angelic matchmaker glow on my head :) )

Jupe said...

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.... Anirudh is a very funny guy :-) Ekky, i am sure u must be dying of laughter :-)

Ekta said...

ohh shit!!!
How could u figure that out aniridh???
Thot we had safely managed to hide it...JUPE!!!...what do we do now!?????;-)

hehehe...I am splitting, rolling, curling...(all the ing's possible) with laughter right now...

Ur talking about the angel(me) and devil(Jupe)getting together...hehehahahaha!!!!

Jupe said...

As usual i have to prove that i am the more intellectual kinds so..Ekky, wudn't BEAUTY and the BEAST have been more appropriate :-p Neway tomorrows post is NOT on cockroaches - Its on the hottest chic i have met in my life :-))

Anirudh Garg said...

"Ekky, i am sure u must be dying of laughter :-)" ..Good try Jupe.. you just popped the question there didnt you ? >:) ..
Sorry about the response though, you cant say that I didnt try !
(please note that Jupe never said no ! )

Megha said...
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Megha said...

My pop-psychology fundas tell me that there are five stages of loss --- denial, bargaining, anger, despair and acceptance.

So its only natural that Jupe and Ekta react this way. A loss of their heart in this case, after all na! (cue to 183 violins playing in the background and start of senti Hindi film song - na jaane kahaan dil kho gaya..)

We've already seen the bargaining ('I'll treat you to two ice creams if you quit stalking me!') anger ('I hope you rot like the cockroaches you killed!') and despair ('When is he gonna get over his crush on a 14-year old! Full sobbing happening!'). This denial makes perfect sense then since acceptance is soon to follow :)

Keep up the angelic efforts, Anirudh! *tongue firmly in cheek through all this, btw* :)

Ekta said...

hey megha,
quite like that theory of urs..maybe u shld do a blog on that...hehe and dedicate it to Jupe...what say Jupe...;-)

And then Jupe can tell u whey women never want to cross beyond the 2-3rd stage with him..hehehe(sorry again Jupe..cldnt resist this mean one;-)

Jupe said...

Megs, au contraire, it always works in the reverse order for Jupe - Its acceptance (chalo dost ban gaye, aage badenge) followed by despair (oh my god she's stupider/crazier than me {which really says sthg}) leading to anger (why God Why.. why do i never meet a genuinely nice and sweet femme fatale :-p) and then bargaining (okie, i will compromise on the nice n sweet part) and ending up in denial(shucks, no woman is worth it)


But u know wot, i like the way u think (in true Li'l Johny fashion)